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Fashion is used to be associated with women but now this is not the case. Males of the modern age are also very conscious about the latest trends of fashion. As we know that the fashion changes with time; it was two or three years ago when wearing Kurta with jeans was very common which was later on replaced with a tight jeans and upper.
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You must have heard the quote “First impression is the last impression” and a good dress counts a lot to make your personality impressive. Therefore, it should be chosen in accordance with the built, height and fashion. Collars play a central role to give your face a specific look. There are various types of collars and you should choose one according to the style of your dress.Consider the useful details regarding the types of collar for you.
1. Step-down collar/ Regular collars:
People prefer to wear shirts with step-down collars and it seems that it is most common type of collars. You can also wear a tie with it to get ready for the official meetings and dinners.
2. Point collars:
Point collar is most famous style in European countries; its points are so close together that is why called it Point collar. Point collars further divided into three basic types listed below.
a. Classic straight Point collars: These are having a small spread between the collars.
b. Narrow straight Point collars: These are too narrow in their style and lack the smaller space for tie.
c. Button Down Point collars: These collars have small buttonholes at the tip of the collars. This is the latest and best form in collars styles.
3. Spread collars:
Spread collars are also called Cutaway collar. They are wide and having cut off points and very common in foreign countries. People love to wear it in different styles like “Medium spread collars” and “Classic Spread collars. Medium spread collars is somewhat similar to the Point collars and look like the old hereditary collar that give you the old traditional style.
4. Button down collars:
This is a classic style and people adopt it more than any other style. The tips of these collars are closed with a button. You can wear a tie with it for looking good but without a tie it also gives you a dashing look

5. Pin collar:
Pin collar is an American collar style that is designed with a space of small tiny pin that pushes the tie forward and upward.
6. Wing collar:
Wing collar is a part of formal wear, which are mostly wore on the official gatherings.
You should consider the type of your face shape such as.
• Round Face: Choose point collars or button down collars instead of choosing spread collars. You look nice with styles.
• Square Face: For square face, classic straight point collars are best choice that gives you a different look.
• Diamond Face: Medium and spread collars are suitable for diamond faces persons.
• Oblong Face: These people should wear medium spread collars.
Oval Shaped: People who have oval face shape can choose different types of collars because all styles suit them.


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