Why Donkey Is Called Donkey


Have you ever heard of a donkey? Well, you may be surprised that what kind of a question it is. Such kind of word you may have often heard from your father when he is scolding you. However, we do not understand that why he always call us donkey when we do something wrong. We are superior among all creations of this universe, donkey is just an animal and there seems no connection between both of us. Have you ever ponder over that why donkey is called donkey. Actually, donkey is a good animal, intelligent to some extent, friendly and a quick learner. It takes time to get affection with someone and that is why donkey is often scares of few objects.

The male donkey is called a Jack while the female is known as Jennet. “Equus asinus” is the scientific name of donkey given by the Zoological Nomenclature Institute. Donkey is mostly aimed as for criticizing anything. You will find many things in the history of donkey as it was considered the symbol of Egyptian sun god “RA” and the Greeks considered it a sign of god Dionysus. Donkey is mentioned many times in the Bible and that is why it is an important part of Christian traditions. They consider it a hard working animal, which is used for transportation and agriculture purposes. Similarly, there are many things written on this animal in western literature. However, unfortunately, in spite of all these things, it has never been regarded that much important in eastern countries and it is used for criticism and humor, but western call it the most hard working and faithful animal. In west, donkey is also important politically and in this context, we can take example of “Donkey Vote”; vote used for the preferential selection of the candidates and in this category Australia is at the top. Similar example we can find in the United States by noticing that the donkey is the sign of many democratic political parties.


Then why we always criticize donkey and make jokes of that innocent animal. Both, our religion and the society prohibit us from making jokes of others so that we should overcome the habit of criticizing anything on the earth without any reason.


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