Disadvantages of Technology


Technology is not a new term to any of us. Human mind is made for exploring different things in the world. We can find many examples of inventions in prehistoric times. Making different tools with natural resources is one of those examples.

In modern world technology is getting very much advanced and this advancement has completely changed the human behavior toward different things. It has become an essential part of our lives and we have become totally dependent on machines like computer, car, T V, cars, mobile phones, oven etc.

New car is launched with an artificial vision computer that works with the help of laser scanner and seven video cameras. It has the ability to drive the car in right direction with the help of sensors. It means you can instead use your computer and can sleep, eat or do whatever you want while travelling in your car. But some drawbacks of these cars are:

  • The speed of car is 60 km per hour.
  • You have to charge the car for 8 hours to drive the car for 3 hours only.
  • These cars are very expensive.
  • Due to computerized system, these cars are not that much reliable.
  • Technologies are developed for the welfare of people but some technologies have adversely affected the human life. We can take the example of atom bomb that can destroy the whole world in seconds. It makes human life more complex and new forms of technical machines like video gaming / cartoon channels can affect the academic performance. Other disadvantages of technologies are following:
  • It made human life dependent on machines.
  • Efficient and speedy machines reduce the importance of human beings.
  • Modern transports are the main reason of air pollution.
  • Internet and computer games make people lubber and lazy.
  • Fraud cases and crimes are increasing due to new technology.
  • Technology also leads to unemployment because human resource is replaced by machines.
  • Atom bombs and nuclear reactors are the threats to the existence of world.
  • Increase in the rate of some diseases like Obesity.
  • Technology itself is not a bad thing but it depends on the pattern of technology that how it is being used. As it is said that excess of everything is bad, so same is the case with technology. We should use machines but should not be completely dependent on them.


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