Disadvantages of Internet


Disadvantages of Internet: Can you just imagine for a while, “a life without technology”? OK, we are getting more specific while talking about technology. Can you imagine your life without the internet? Or can you live a month without internet?

We bet most of you, who are reading this article will say a big “no way”.

Well just for your information 97 percent of the population around the world is aware of the internet or use it regularly. This technology is being made more and more advanced and user-friendly with every passing day. However, some bad impacts also come in the package with good inventions. From the beginning until today, its users miss-utilized it often.

Yes, we are talking about the disadvantages of internet here.

Commonly, the increased use of the internet is becoming a cause of negative attitudes and anti-social activities in the society. A further discussion and analysis of its other harmful effects are given below.

Disadvantages of Internet

The loss in Cultural and Social Relations:

The man is a social animal. It is important for both mental and physical health that we must interact and communicate with other human beings in real terms. The misuse of the internet has led the young generation to be a victim of loss in cultural and social relations. In olden days, people used to stay together and united in order to communicate with each other; but now all these activities have been lost. Among these, social interaction has been affected the most. Though the internet is providing a contact but its effects are either less promising or weak because real relations can’t be built on the basis of virtual chats and communications only. Most of them usually come out fake which may lead to sadness or depression.

The Interest in Reading Books is Almost Finished:

There is a famous quote saying “a person who reads book live thousands of lives and a person who do not read books lives only once”.

The Internet has almost finished the concept of book reading, People try to gain all sorts of knowledge through the internet; because of this, the interest in reading of books has considerably lost. Book reading must be encouraged in the young generation. Though the internet is also providing online reading facility but with so much other offerings we doubt that one will go for reading and will be successful in focusing on reading only

Illegal and Inappropriate Actions:

The Internet provides you with connectivity on a huge platform. Some people misuse it and perform illegal and inappropriate actions through the use of the technology. Large groups of terrorism and corrupts perform their despicable procedures through the internet.

Criminals and hackers also use the medium for their evil doings. Cyber-crimes are so much common now that almost every country has its own specific cyber-crime control department to deal with cyber-crimes.

Weaken the Eye Muscles:

A major disadvantage of the internet about which usually mothers are more concerned for their children is using the internet for a long period and sticking to computer screens for hours as it causes the eye muscles to become weak. We usually use laptop or computer from a distance less than 2 meters whereas we must use devices exhibiting rays from not less than 6 m so using them for a long period cause eye muscles to become tired and weaken causing a loss of eyesight.

The Radiance of Gathering have Diminished:

The virtual meetings have replaced the actual gatherings. We find two people sitting nearby lost in their own virtual lives. It is a real disadvantage of the internet that it is connecting the people living far away but separating the ones living in one house.

The radiance of gathering, carnivals and stalls have also diminished due to the internet. The significance among people of meeting each other is disappearing; all these activities are now limited to e-mails and chatting over the internet.

Evil-Doers Spread Uncertainties:

The Internet is a medium of quick information which may be misused by many.
Some evil-doers spread uncertainties on the internet through religious controversies. Apart from this, the internet provides the opportunity to analyze further any political speeches and personal controversies; due to this, the society falls victim to chaotic situations and disorganization. It also provides medium to hate speeches and rebels.

The Spread of Wrong Information:

As there are less check and balance on the internet and it is difficult to control traffic, sometimes wrong information is also provided through the internet, because of which many problems and misunderstandings are developed.

Wastage of Time:

Favorite quote from moms “wastage of time”.

Yes, most young adult students and many other people waste their time on the internet doing unimportant things like chatting, Facebooking and many other activities. The Internet has quite attractive distractions but one should know that time is precious

Causes Depression:

Using the internet for prolonged hours causes depression and mental stress in youngsters. They become anti-social and gets angry easily. Remember that real happiness lies within the real world and actual life is worth living and far more important than virtual life.

An Increase in Muscle Tension and Worries:

According to a research center in Sydney, from excessive use of the internet, people become so addicted to it, that if they don’t use the internet for a day it leads to increased worries and muscle tension. Just shut down your Facebook account and mobile for one day only and see how tense you will feel. It creates the feeling of lost and cut out from the world which is actually not that much true.

The Cause of Mental Disease:

Where reading books prevent all sorts of mental diseases, using the internet a lot can cause a lot of mental diseases like stress, depression, sadness, addiction etc.

The inappropriate use of internet keeps increasing every day; this is why attention must be given to its effects and its users must be informed about all of them. Kinds of literature and documentaries of some cultures are available on the internet through which the younger generation and especially children, become a victim of character distortion. Some children also start disobeying their parents after watching the action and fiction oriented films. Hence, it is necessary to save your children from the wrong and unrequited use of the internet.

Remember that everything has both best and worst sides, it is us who choose which side to go. So choose wisely and make the internet your good tool. The man has made technology and its use is in our hands. Don’t let it becomes your master. Clicks need us, we don’t need clicks to survive.

We recommend you to use the internet to extract good from it. May the disadvantages of internet do not overcome its good purpose.

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