Diarrhea Causes and Treatment in Urdu


Diarrhea is a disease that can affect individuals of almost every age group. However, this disease, caused by a virus, is usually found in infants and small children. If this condition persists for more than a couple of weeks, it is termed as Chronic Diarrhea.
Diarrhea Signs and Symptoms

The patient passes a thin stool frequently. At times, a severe stomach ache is also experienced. Due to the frequent passing of stools, the body becomes dehydrated and an individual suffers from a deficiency of essential minerals. The skin becomes dry and rough and severe weakness occurs. The patients of Diarrhea suffer from rapid weight loss and they become pale. Children, in particular, look extremely dull and weak. In severe cases, the intestines may also bleed.

Causes of Diarrhea

Diarrhea may occur due to a number of various reasons including virus and bacteria. Most people get in contact with this disease during the rainy season when the virus spreads easily. The most dangerous virus is called Rotavirus which affects infants. Diarrhea may also be caused due to bacteria called E. Coli, which may be found in food items like rice, milk or yoghurt. Bacterial infection may be caused if you eat fruits and vegetables without washing them.

Diarrhea causing germs are also found in un-purified water and can be transmitted to humans through this water. Many other dangerous parasites can also be the reason behind Diarrhea.

Diagnosis of Diarrhea

Diarrhea is diagnosed by carrying out a stool test. Viral Diarrhea is detected with the help of Elisa test. Dehydrationcan be detected in children judging from their pale and dull faces. Apart from that, bacteria are detected by conducting three separate culture tests.
Diarrhea Treatment and Prevention

After carrying out the laboratory test for Diarrhea, treatment should be conducted under the supervision of an experienced physician so that further complications can be avoided. The treatment depends on the type of virus. Usually, antibiotics are prescribed by doctors to treat Diarrhea. They can be taken by the patients for a prolonged period of time –up to three weeks. In case of severe pain, Bascopan may be prescribed.

An individual suffering from Diarrhea should only take simple and easily digestible food and should only drink boiled water. Spicy and oily food should be given up and cold water should also be avoided as much as possible. Children can be given ORS to treat their dehydration and mineral deficiency, whereas adults should drink more and more boiled water. In case there is severe deficiency of minerals, it should be treated by intravenous glucose drips. Diarrhea is very dangerous for children and old aged people. This is because Diarrhea leads to weakness instantly. This may lead to more health complications. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to treat Diarrhea promptly.


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