Diabetes Symptoms, Causes and Treatment in Urdu


Diabetes Causes and Treatment in Urdu:

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the glucose level of the blood increases. A healthy person has various hormones in his body excreted by glands and the ones that regulate glucose and insulin in the body are excreted by pancreas. It is a very common disease that can be found in all the countries of the world. The age of the diabetes patients mostly lies between 50 – 60 years.

Types of Diabetes:

Common types of diabetes are two, among those one is Diabetes Type 1 and the second is Diabetes Type 2.

Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes Type 1 is severe type of disease, which is incurable in most of the cases. Patients most of the times of the day feel fatigue, weakness and thirst due to the deficiency of insulin. High blood pressure and headache are the other symptoms of diabetes. It normally starts at early an age, in some cases as early as childhood.

Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 2 is commonly found in old aged people. This kind of diabetes is curable but depends on the stage. However, most doctors rely on medication to control the affect diabetes on the body. A common affect of deficit of insulin is decrease in weight of the patients.

Diabetes Symptoms:

Insulin produces Beta Islet Cells in the body that maintain various body processes. But due to lack of insulin these cells become damaged or less in quantity and result in rapid weight loss, thirst, suffocation and smell in patient’s breath. Another common symptom of diabetes is that the patient’s body shivers, sometimes slowly and sometimes noticeably rapid. The wounds of the patient take a lot more time to heal and in some cases it may not even heal. This is because the immunity system of the patient either fails or is weakened.

Diabetes Causes:

Diabetes is a dangerous autoimmune disorder that can be caused from several malfunctioning of pancreas. In some cases it can also be hereditary.

Role of Pancreas in Human Body:

It’s a longitudinal gland that performs vital functions in a human body. Its prime function is to secrete insulin, which helps to digest food and regulate glucose levels in the body and blood. Pancreas is made up of two types of cells known as exocrine and endocrine cells. Other factors that lead to malfunctioning of liver are regular intake of alcohol, high blood pressure, unhealthy diet and high cholesterol levels.

Diabetes Treatment:

If one or few symptoms of diabetes are found, the first thing to do is to consult a concerned doctor and get glucose and sugar levels diagnosed. Once a person is diagnosed diabetic the doctor usually advises antibiotics, other pills and insulin injections regularly. Insulin therapy is the common and effective way to meet the deficiency of insulin.

Precautionary Measures:

You can control the sugar level through the self-management by planning your diet. Diet plays a major role in how your body works. Patient should avoid smoking, bakery foods, sugary foods and oily foods and alcohol. Vegetables and fruits that can provide 50 – 60 carbohydrate should be a regular part of your diet. With all these protective measure one should consult a doctor for proper and regular dose of insulin that is injected to the patient.

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