Democracy and Corruption in Pakistan: Causes And Effects on The Country


In 1947, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said something very historical in the Parliament; he said that even though different forms of governments have been tested and will continue to be tested in this world of sin and worries, no body can say that democracy is the complete form of government , in fact it is the worst form of government amongst all the systems that have been uptill now adopted, including dictatorship.

Alama Iqbal, very wisely said, “Democracy is that form of government where people are counted, instead of being weighed.”
Now let us try to understand the above-mentioned philosophy. After thoroughly analyzing and studying the present and history of the system, one thing is clear that in democracy both donkeys and horses have the same place and value. An illiterate and an educated are both weighed in the same balance; wise and fools, both have the same importance. Hence, when the standard of quality is such, then it is safe to say that a building built with a crooked brick can never stand straight.

Furthermore, there are various other issues. Democracy can be improved and made better if some principles are adopted, however, here the beginning itself is with corruption. How can a corrupt democracy survive? The simple answer to this is that maybe corruption is the basic human nature, or may also happen due to the miscalculations of a bad system. The point is not to support dictatorship in my speech, neither do I want to say that dictatorship is the guarantee to a better system; my point is to discuss why corruption and democracy always go hand in hand.

Hence, first, we must understand corruption and democracy separately, and then we must understand the link between them and the reasons behind it; whether it is negative or positive.
Joseph Schumpeter has explained democracy like this, “An independent competition for an independent vote.”
The first step of democracy is the right to vote; and the second is clean and independent elections. Here it is necessary for there to be government offices and governments influence on the elections. For this task, an ombudsman organization is responsible, but sometimes they also become handicapped in front of present governments and agencies.

Now as we explain corruption, then according to J S Nay, “corruption is an attitude which leads a man away from this official responsibility for his own personal benefit; bribe, favouritism, recommendation and financial misappropriation are included in these.”
A fine and better democracy comprises of three pillars:

  • Executive
  • Legislature
  • Judiciary

Now amongst these three, Judiciary, with the help of media, is responsible for keeping an eye on the rest, as well as for their accountability. However, in countries where Judiciary and media, which called the fourth pillar of the government, creates conflictions in their work due to pressures from Governmental authorities; then in this case corruption reaches its peak and slowly all the rest of the departments of the country become useless also. If these three pillars continue their work with efficiency, honesty and responsibility then the element of corruption becomes very low in democracy.

On the other hand, weakness of these three pillars will directly effect the democratic government  If the society is majorly comprised of educated and success oriented people, then this civil society can work n better grounds. If sense of responsibility is present in people than they can responsibly rid their country of corruption and bring about a positive democratic change.

In the case of Pakistan, judiciary is way paralysed under the pressure of bureaucracy and militarycracy. On the other hand corrupt politicians can also be seen playing their filthy roles, so its safe to say that corruption can be seen everywhere in and out of democracy. However, corruption penetrates the most in a low standard of democracy, where institutions cannot play their role freely and where a one-man-show is at its peak. Political parties promise something and act against it. Where votes are either bought or forcefully taken. Where everything is for sale. Economic corruption kills the religion, faith and conscience of people. Hence what we need is a system where the true spirit of democracy can be understood and institutions made strong and honest kepping in mind the well being of the country, and corruption can be eliminated by sowing democracy in the land of the country.


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