Symptoms and Causes of Dehydration


Water holds vital importance in human life. Human body is composed of 70% water. Our body utilizes water while inhaling, in keeping the body temperature in control and in the excretion of wastes. Apparently we take water just to quench thirst, but the entire system of our body revolves around water,  i.e in the digestion of food, our body requires water in order to go in order, to infuse life into skin and in the excretion of wastes. Our body remains in need of water round the year, so many times a day, but its need touches its peak during summer as compared with the winter. One of the ground reason to unusual thirst in summer is perspiration which keeps our body temperature cool but causes dehydration. That is the reason we feel again thirsty soon after drinking water. If this water deficiency is not meet, it leads to several ailments. 

Water deficiency first of all leads to dehydration. Usually a human being falls a victim to dehydration when the body meets the deficiency of compulsory minerals, potassium and sodium which are helpful in muscles and mind performance. People of almost all age groups fall a victim to dehydration but the ratio of kids and old people is greater because these times are those on which the body finds little immunity to cope with. So, never ignore dehydration in kids and old people because if it is not cured, can lead to death. This ailment is fatal in youngsters too along with the kids and old people.

It has often been observed people busy in their work usually do not concern towards water drinking which gradually cause the deficiency of water and other compulsory components in the body which results in huge complication. But if in time measures are taken, there is little possibility to face drastic condition. For this purpose, you must first know the signs and symptoms of dehydration which are mentioned in the following.

Symptoms of dehydration

  • Inadequate thirst
  • No hunger
  • Weakness
  • Unusual dryness of mouth, eyes and lips
  • Muscle pull
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • No perspiration
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Dry diapers
  • Abdomen pain and vomiting

Our body retains 3/3  of water from the water we drink while 1/3 from the meal we take. One can feel fainted even if  the body meet 2% water deficiency which also affects body’s power to work. While the ground cause to dehydration is considered water deficiency, but there are many other key factors involved in causing dehydration. Few considerable key factors are given in the following.

Causes of Dehydration


Dehydration and deaths caused by it are mostly because of diarrhea. While suffering from this ailment, all the water available in the body goes to an end. Kids are the major victim of diarrhea leading most of them to death.


Human body has an amazing internal natural cooling system that maintains the body temperature. This cooling system cools down the body temperature by excreting sweat through sweat glands. If you work for long hours in summer, sweating must be common to you, however, due to sweating you can face dehydration.

Dehydration Precautions

To protect yourself from harmful effects of summer follow these useful tips.

  • Drink as much water as you can during day time in summers.
  • Avoid drinking soft drinks because these drinks do not quench your thirst and are harmful for health.
  • In summers, wear soft and light colored clothes to insure the air passage.
  • Do not go outside from 1 – 3 pm because at that time the temperature is at the peak.
  • Let your body stabilize your body mechanisms and temperature after you are done from exercise. You should drink water after 15 minutes of exercise.
  • Avoid working in direct sunlight at noon.
  • In case of vomiting or loose motion, consult your physician no sooner so that he may take measures against water or minerals deficiency in the patient.


Vomiting also results in water deficiency in our body. If vomiting happens for more than 4-5 times a day, it is compulsory to consult to the physician in order to keep dehydration off.


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