How To Remove Dark Circles


How To Remove Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eyes badly effect the natural beauty so we need to know How to remove dark circles. Eyes are very sensitive and the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the facial skin so it needs intensive care. To take care of the eyes and the skin around the eyes is also important because the signs of aging start to appear on the skin around eyes so there is always a need to consult dark circles tips in urdu. Therefore, it is important that we should take extra care of the eyes and choose skin products very carefully. It is also important to know “How to remove dark circles”. Otherwise, the eyes color can turn to yellow and swelling of dark circles can appear around the eyes. Dark Circles are caused by restlessness, disease or few other reasons. Here are some simple tips for men and women which can reduce dark circles. Read on the Tips to Remove Dark Circles or Treatment in Urdu language.

Dark Circles are caused by many factors but mainly those factors are divided in two categories environmental and biological. These factors are listed below.
• Restlessness,
• Stress or mental tension
• Hereditary reasons
• Fatigue
• Bad blood circulation
• Kidney stone
• Chronic diseases like Asthma etc.
• Dehydration
• Exposure to the sun
Many famous companies have introduced their products for removing dark circles; you can try any product from their offerings but homemade tips are more useful for removing dark circles. Here are some simple tips for both men and women that will definitely help you to remove dark circles.
• Water is essential for health; it can keep you young, and can protect you from many diseases. If you are having dark circle under your eyes then you should drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily to reduce the dark circles. Water improves metabolism of our body and for this very reason dark circles improve with the time. If you drink eight glasses of water daily, it is healthy not only for your eyes but also for your skin. As far as the skin is concerned water keeps it fresh and young.
• For clean skin vitamin B, iron and vitamin C are very essential. If you eat fresh fruits, vegetables and drink sufficient water then the dark circles can be removed in a short period of time.
• Another homemade tip is that we take two tea bags and boil them in water for few minutes, then dip these tea bags in cool water. After 10 minutes, place these tea bags on your eyes and repeat this process daily.
• Vitamin C plays a vital role to remove dark circles around the eyes. Eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C as much as you can, it will definitely help you.
• Cucumber is very popular to remove dark circles since ages. Beauticians also use cucumber for the eyes and for the fresh skin around the eyes. Take two slices of cucumber and place these slices on the eyes for soothing effect.
Vitamin K is yet another important element that reduces dark circles of the eyes and you should avoid the excessive use of salt because salt cause high blood pressure which is not healthful and cause dark circles to be appeared under the eye.


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