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Cyber crime is also called internet crime. In this crime computer is one that preys and is preyed. Suppose you complete your assignment on your computer one day and save your data but on the other day computer doesn’t show your files. This can be attributed to your misfortune or a crime which is executed from a computer to another computer. In this phenomenon it is not only the computers which are involved but human brain has a lot to play in this. This is a huge ethical and moral dilemma. This crime realizes its severity when we realize its results.
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One can reach another computer and can disturb the privacy of the other computer. The person who breaks the privacy of the other computer can acquire full control of the other computer.
Today world is becoming a victim of cyber crime on wide scales. Pakistan is also not safe from its evils. In past some years the rate cyber crime in Pakistan has increased many folds. According to the federal investigation agency and cyber control unit, 287 cases are registered relating cyber crimes. And in 2010 the number has increased to 312.
In the year 2000 some of the famous internet sites like Yahoo, Amazon,, eBay and CNN were tried to be hacked through data requisition. In addition to this in 2000 there were 55,000 registered cases of credit card theft.In 2001, Grey Micknnon hacked the operating system of US Army military district of Washington which stopped 2000 computer for 24 hours.
In 2007, United Nation website had to face a Turkish hacker and became a victim of cyber crime as well.
Computer Hackers basically identify the loop holes in an operating system and through these loop holes they take full control of an operating system. They not only use it for their personal benefits but also use it to earn money for themselves. Crackers are another group of hackers which actually help the hackers to get in to an operating system by cracking its codes. This cracking of the codes is known as internet hacking.
There is a need that necessary measures should be taken across the globe to stop this crime as it is a huge threat to the privacy of personal as well as national interests. Data has acquired a huge importance for the businesses and national securities. If this is not prevented and eliminated it could lead to severe results. Nations can come to war as a result of such activities.


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