Contradictions in Our Society


If we observe people around us in our daily lives we find this out that people have complex and contradictory personalities. These contradictions have evolved through the rotten principles of our society. This phenomenon has also inclined the society to a negative side than projecting a healthy image of the society. People are now more interested in the affairs of others in which they have no parts to play.
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Whenever they find something related to the others they start dissimilating it in an inappropriate way which is detrimental for the society. Ethically we are not supposed to discuss the affairs of the others. Our religion has also discouraged such nonsense. But unfortunately society is not taking care of these ethical issues.

Another thing which is also imposing serious threat to our society is the spreading of unnecessary and false speculations about various personal and societal issues. People sip with taste on such occasions. They are unaware of the fact that they are also digging the same hole for their own selves as they are also the part of the same society.

Islam has taught us the ways of sitting in the gatherings. We should not be whispering with the fellows so others could not get any misunderstanding. Dual standards of the people could be analyzed by the fact that staunch practitioners of the religion are also not safe from this evil. People with the long beards and caps on the head are often found denting the personalities of the other members of the society.

Holly prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) has advised on a lot of occasions that we should not be making speculations about the others. Islam urges its followers not to explore the evils and shortcomings of the others. Islam teaches that if we will hide the shortcomings of others ALLAH ALMIGHTY will hide our short comings on the Day of Judgment.

There is a need to individually address ourselves about these issues. If we will keep our focus on the others and expect them to change themselves first then we will not be able to achieve a start. Every individual is a unit of the society. When we will bring a change in our personalities only then we can address others.

Hence we should eliminate those dual standards from our personalities which hinder us to become a better member of the society and a better Muslim.


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