Most Common Thyroid Problems in Women


Thyroid gland problem affects many women. Men do tend to have this problem but it’s more common in women. Studies have consolidated this fact that 1 in 8 women will face this problem in her life.

Thyroid glands make your body function in positive manner and to fight against several complications. Weight fluctuations and depression are two of the most common symptoms of improper functioning of thyroid gland.

Today, we shall discuss which factors affect your thyroid gland and increase risk of diseases associated with it.

Biggest Thyroid Problems Women May Face

The biggest and core issue is related with the ability of thyroid gland not to produce enough thyroid hormone, which is called hypothyroidism.

  • Without this hormone you will feel tired and lazy
  • You will become depressed
  • You will gain weight
  • Your periods will suffer
  • Your skin and nails can become dry

About 10% of women have underactive thyroid

Factors That Increase Threat of Thyroid Disease

Although the causes vary worldwide but major causes that can be stated are as under

• Iodine deficiency
• Smoking

How Iodine Deficiency Affects Thyroid

Iodine deficiency poses huge threat in many parts of world especially for pregnant women. Iodine helps in making of thyroid hormones which are necessary for brain functions.

  • Iodine deficiency can become cause of brain damage in unborn babies.

Iodine Deficiency and Iodized Salt

Iodine deficiency can be overcome by the use of iodine salt in our factor that leads to that deficiency is that we don’t use proper amount of iodized salt in our foods.

  • Sea salt doesn’t contain iodine in it
  • Most of the processed or commercial food we eat doesn’t not have iodine salt in it

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

It is not easy to tell about the symptoms of hypothyroidism because many of these are related to our daily lifestyle.

For Example

  • Fatigue can be result of over work or being busy not the cause of underactive thyroid.
  • Weight gain may be result of over eating and doing much work out.

To know about this disease you have to take a test that is called TSH test. It tells about the amount of thyroid hormone in your blood.

How Hypothyroidism Is Treated

If your body is not producing much thyroid hormone then you have to take it in the form of pills.

Overactive Thyroid

When your thyroid gland starts producing too much amount of thyroid hormone that it is called overactive or is found just about 1% but is hard to treat.

  • Its symptoms may include weight loss, insomnia, heart palpitations and tremors


Its treatment includes drugs or surgery to remove the thyroid gland

Thyroid Cancer

Lately, there have been seen an upsurge in the cases of thyroid cancer. Women tend to get it as they age. It is the most common form of cancer and very treatable. Its treatment depends upon your age, size of tumor and how it’s spreading.

  • There can be various reasons of this cancer like environmental aspects, diet and radiation
  • Surgery is effective way to remove the affected thyroid gland

How to Keep Thyroids Healthy

You can use a lot of amount of iodine salt in your diet and use other dietary resources to keep it working normally.

You must regularly check front of your neck to see any swellings and lumps, if you feel something then you must consult with your physician immediately

You should get regular checkups because most of these problems don’t show any symptoms unless thoroughly tested.


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