Color Psychology | Color Psychology in Urdu


Colors, which we choose reflect different impressions of our lives. We are telling you about the color psychology in English as well as in Urdu. For example, if you are spending a sad and tough life, you will automatically choose black color in your routine life, because black color gives the impression of sadness. If you are happy and have a wonderful time, you will automatically choose bright colors in your daily routines, because bright colors have the impression of happiness. Colors are the part of our Psychology. Black color is often called the color of sadness and death. That’s why all the sad and bad social incidents are indicated with black color. Black color is also considered as the symbol of power, because it has the ability to absorb each and every other color. The people, who narrate black color with their power, are often called hard stone. The women, who wear black clothes, look thinner than they are and also attract others. White color is considered as the symbol of peace, purity and simplicity. In Europe and Arab, people like to wear white clothes on their weddings, but in our community, white dresses of brides have always been criticized. The people who like to wear white clothes are often cool-minded and peaceful. Red color is considered as the symbol of extreme happiness and passion. That’s why, brides of Pakistan and other eastern countries mostly prefer to wear red dresses on their weddings. Red color is also a symbol of love. That’s why always red flowers are used to express love. Red color is also used for restriction signals. Men often like blue color and it also suits them. Blue color appears as the symbol of broad mindedness. Sky and oceans are also the parts of blue color. Green color is the color of nature. Most of the natural beauty is seen in green, like forests, flowers, plants and grass. Yellow color is called a controversial color. People don’t like it because it doesn’t look appealing and they don’t prefer it. 


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