How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee


How many Calories in a Cup of Coffee

Coffee is a very popular beverage and is widely consumed all over the world. The recorded cultivation of coffee is 600 AD which makes coffee quiet an old drink consumed by humans. Modern day coffee was introduced publicly in 1800s and is on top five beverages till than. Coffee is made with roasted coffee beans. Beans are brewed and than mixed with hot water to create that irresistible aroma and flavor of coffee. 

How many Calories in a Cup of Black Coffee? 

A standard cup of black coffee has very less calories. Actually 1-2 calories, which is very effective for weight loss management. Black coffee has no noticeable side effects according to modern studies. In past however,  due to presence of caffeine, coffee was assumed to have side effects. But safe amount of beverage serving i.e. 4-6 cups (8ounce per cup) has no recorded side effects. Black coffee is less in calories and is effective for calorie count diet. People having diabetes can also safely consume coffee and get benefits from it. 

How many Calories in a cup of Coffee with milk? 

Milk adds to calories but in total, a cup of coffee with milk offers less than 20 calories. Which is quiet reasonable for calorie conscious people. Using low fat milk reduces calories by 5. A cup of coffee with semi skimmed milk or say low fat has 15 calories only. 

How many Calories in a Cup of Coffee with Cream? 

Cream is high in calories. Always remember that coffee itself has only two calories per cup. All other calories comes from addition we choose to be in our cup. Some sweetened coffees can offer upto 800 calories a cup. Two tablespoon of cream adds 50 calories in a cup and more addition will raise the calorie count. So choose wisely. 

How many Calories in a Cup Coffee with cream and Sugar? 

Sugar is high in calories. Coffee itself is unsweetened in taste. Some people add sugar or other sweeteners to improve taste accordingly. One tea spoon of sugar has 16 calories. And a cup of coffee with milk and 2 tea spoon sugar can offer upto 50 calories. 

How many Calories in a cup of Coolatta Coffee? 

The ingredients in coffee coolatta are coffee coolatta base which is made with sugar, whipped cream and water and coffee extract, caramel colour along with natural or artificial flavor. A small cup of coffee coolatta offers upto 450 calories which is quiet high amount for daily 2000 calorie consumption diet. A medium cup will offer upto 670 calories and a large cup of coffee coolatta will offer 860 calories. 

How many calories in a Mcdonald’s Vanilla iced Coffee ?

According to McDonald’s website the regular coffee with vanilla flavoring contains water, sugar, fructose, natural or artificial flavor, caramel color, preservative, malic and citric acid.One small cup of vanilla iced coffee offers about 130 calories. A medium cup has 180 whereas a large cup offers upto 270 calories. Adding more sugar and cream will definitely raise calories count.

How many calories in a Dunkin Donut Coffee?

With a name so sweet, a person gets conscious about calories. But in dunkin donuts most of the calories are found in donuts. Yeah its not the coffee they offer .Trust us!One cup serving of iced coffee with cream has only 100 calories in dunkin donuts. Thanx God. Although calories are not going to fade away somewhere as we are fond of their donuts also but guilt is quiet less with their coffee…  Hmmm we can have a cup or two. 

How many Calories in a Coffee Frappuccino?

Calorie count is very high in most mochas and frappucinos as compared to standard black cup of coffee. A simple frappuccino can have 35-70 grams of sugar in it and carmel coffee frappuccino can have upto 85 grams of sugar. Which is jaw dropping high amount. Calories can range from 500-1000 for frappuccino and mochas. So if you are doing diet for weight loss… Have a nice cup… But only in dreams… Stay away!

How many Calories in a Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino?

A simple cup of frappuccino in star bucks can have as low as 140 calories and as high as 600 calories. In order to make your coffee less in calories at starbucks , follow some steps.

  1. whoop the whip.  By cutting on cream you are automatically going to cut on calories. 
  2. Ask for fat free milk. Skimmed milk will reduce calories. 
  3. Ask for sugar free syrup.
  4. Simply ask them to give “light” coffee.

How many Calories in a cup of Folgers Coffee?

Finally there is a coffee of our dreams. A coffee with zero calories. Yes a cup of folgers coffee offers zero calories which we take as a blessing. Wohoo bring a cup of coffee please !

How many Calories in a Mocha Coffee?

Mocha is made with espresso and hot milk but with some added chocolate and sweeteners. A cup of mocha offers upto 190 calories per cup. No matter how high or less in calories, coffee is a guilty pleasure for many and for us too.  A cup of coffee can makes your day and mood fresh. Choose according to your requirement and enjoy. Happy coffee!


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