Co Education | Advantages and Disadvantages of Co Education


Co-Education: A Worthy Debate


A system of education that provides mixed gender education is called co-education. Co-education is normal for western societies but it is a topic of great debate in Muslim countries.

The perspective about co-education may be different in different cultures but handling both males and females together and educating them is a challenge for many institutes worldwide.

This system of education has its own challenges, weaknesses and advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Co-Education:

The purpose of introducing coeducation was to get possible benefits from it.
Purpose of introducing co-education?

They introduced Co-Education to eliminate the differences between both the genders and make every human being equal effective regardless of their gender.

There is a famous quote:


This is a fact that there is nothing hundred percent efficient but it’s up to you how you take things and tag them with good or bad identity.

Coeducation gives you some positive grooming as well to face the real world. It’s a fact that when boys and girls compete with each other to get the first position in exams, they affect overall results in a positive way. Girls, on the other hand, gain much confidence and boldness due to coeducation to take their part in important concerns of their lives.

Disadvantages of Co-Education:

Islam clearly defines the disadvantages of co-education

The Concept of Coeducation in Islam:

Islam encourages education, especially female education. Islam says that mother lap is the first institute for a child so educated mothers, who can train better human beings are assets for society.

But as related to co-education, Islam has clear vision that human beings clearly develop other intentions when together. They are created for each other’s attraction and both genders gets attracted sexually when together. So their focus of education can’t stay at a place and they get themselves indulge in sexual connections.

Illegal sexual connections can lead to downfall of society and family standard that is why Islam discourages mixed gender education.

Does debate against co-education blocks society’s success?

Not at all.

For society educated human beings matter. And we can educate both female and male separately.

Not mixing them together also eliminates the chances of loss of vision. As it is against our society norms, it is also not suitable for both boys and girls. As there are different roles of boys and girls. If they get same education, then how the homogeneous education can be helpful for both boys and girls as well as for society.

What We Have Adopted in the Name of Co-Education:

The original purpose of coeducation has been lost and the young generation is developing a mindset that is against Islamic teachings. Every day people hold different functions in educational institutes where male and female students take part with more curiosity and interest.

Few people take such activities as prohibited and against the preaching of Islam. In co-education, there are more chances that student goes in the wrong direction as they get more opportunities to go astray. It is also against the law of natural history. It’s natural that people of opposite gender have an attraction for each other, so it creates problems.


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