Cholera Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Urdu


Cholera is a bacterial disease, which is spread through a specific bacteria, called the Cholera Bacillis. This disease is more common in Pakistan, India and other countries of Asia; and spreads more during the summer season.

West Bengal’s fertile lands are termed the home of Cholera; as a result, this disease has spread around the world.

Causes of Cholera:

This disease is spread mostly through filthy, unhygienic water; hence it can also be caused by bad quality or stale food. The cholera germ is discharged from the body of an affected person through vomit or watery diarrhea and water mixed with a number of things reaches the body of a healthy person. The support for these germs are a person’s intestines. Sometimes it also spreads through drinking tap water or water from a well. In the monsoon season avoiding a proper diet can also lead to Cholera; its germs travel through a persons small intestine to enter the body, and then produce toxins in a large amount. This way they stop sodium from being digested by the body.

Symptoms of Cholera:

Four hours after the germs have entered the body, the affected person or patient starts to have diarrhea and vomiting  in this manner the discharge of water/fluids from the body increases. The patient starts to vomit frequently, and produce watery diarrhea due to which the body experiences a great loss of water. The patient starts getting a slight fever; if they don’t get treatment immediately then the body losses more energy and the nervous system and digestive system are highly affected. Eyes start appearing sunken and the color of the face changes to a light yellow. Due to this dehydration, children lose all energy and become really weak.


The diagnosis for a disease like this is completely clinical. Fresh stool is heavily analysed to find out whether the Cholera germs are present or not.

Treatment of Cholera

To overcome physical weakness and for water retention, ORS should be given to the patient frequently. If there is vomiting then it can be given through vein fluid. For children ORS should be given frequently, since they face more weakness. Other than that the treatment for Cholera is Rango Lactate. This solution should be taken in 500cc or 100cc through vein fluid, so that the patients sugar and salt levels remain normal.


  • During the days of Cholera the following prevention should be taken in order to avoid all possible diseases.
  • Always boil water before using it.
  • Cleanliness of home, body and environment should be taken care of.
  • Avoid eating food outside and drinking below quality fluids.
  • Old or stale fruits and vegetables should not be eaten; all fruits and vegetable should be washed before intake.
  • Eat a balanced and easily digestive diet.
  • Food and all its utensils should be kept away from flies, by covering them at all times.
  • Patient should be given porridge, meat fluid, and pomegranate juice.
  • Other than that vinegar and onions can also be used.
  • Patient should not be given solid food since vomiting is frequent during Cholera.


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