Charas or Hash Side Effects in Urdu


Charas or Hash Side Effects in Urdu

Charas is another name for hashish which is extracted from cannabis plant. The only difference between the two is, that you make charas from live plant where as hashish is extracted from dead and dried plant. Other names for charas are ganja, garda,weed, mirjuana etc
The basic origin of charas is Asia especially India. Charas has religious value in indian culture and it is sometimes obligatory to take charas through huqqa while sitting with religious people. Exporting charas is banned in most countries. It is illegal to smugle or export charas in united states and many other countries. Although laws are not followed that much strictly but still it is illegal in Pakistan also.The side effects of Charas or Hash are at their extreme level when this herb is used in crude form.This poison can also result in muscle pull and can conduct to heart and lungs. The dangerous or side effects of Charas or Hash are suggested below in Urdu language also.

Side effects of using Charas:

Charas has same side effect as alcohol , smoking or other addictive drugs like heroine. Here are some of serious side effects that charas can cause. 

Phsycological side effects of charas:

  1. Charas triggers brain to produce pleasuring effect .This makes person addicitve to it. A person will naturally feel irritated when dose will be missed.
  2. Situation can be worst sometimes as its addiction leads people to get charas from unethical ways.
  3. Person using charas will feel more hunger. 
  4. As charas gives false sense of happiness so a person using it considers his well wishers as his enemies.
  5. A missed dose may cause pain and irritation in body making its user more angry and furious. 
  6. Charas causes hallucinations and alter consciousness. A person is driven away from reality after using this drug.
  7. A person will feel less concentrated and may loose focus. 

Physical side effects of charas. 

Charas do a great damage  to human body. Its addiction is worse. And its side effects may seem less to its user infront of its fake pleasure which is more dangerous. Here are some of its physical side effects 

  1. It cause respiratory tract problems and effects lungs badly.
  2. Prolonged use of charas makes a person “Stone” for it. In order to get high effect higher dose will be nedeed. Sometimes overdose can even be life threatening.
  3. It is like a slow poison that damages body organs slowly and consistently.
  4. Charas creates serious neurological defects also. A person may feel less co- ordinated between action amd thinking process. It does not only slow down senses but can make person unaware of its extreme negative consequences. 
  5. A missed dose of charas can alter blood pressure also. 
  6. Charas can cause heart problems. 
  7. It will increase appetite.
  8. Charas steals nutrients from body. As a result, nutritional deficiencies can build up affecting overall health of a person. 


How to make charas? 

Extraction of charas is time taking and demands patience. For this take cannabis plant (two to three weeks before full maturity) and rub it between your palms. Keep doing it gently and slowly. A thick, sticky layer will start to appear on your hand. After a full day of hard work you will get only 9- 10 grams of charas so patience is the key to it. Now rub your hands gently with one another to roll out charas in a form of ball. After extracting charas, keep it in plastic wrap so that it doesn’t dry out and remian fresh.

What are effects of charas on human body?  Charas has different physcological and physical effects on body of its user. It can cause hallucinations and a person will feel warm and fantasized after using it. Charas triggers brain to produce dopamine which creates a high pleasure effect . 

How long charas will have an effect?  Peak affect can be between 10 minutes to half an hour. People who directly eat cannibas plant may experience peak effect lasting from 2-4 hours. Charas Effects may start within minutes. For regular users it may takes several hours for mind to release harmonies for pleasure.The drug will remain in urine for upto seven days before passing out fully from the body. 

Is charas addictive?  Charas will make you feel like you are flying high and free. It will give you sense of being in some other world. People usually become addictive to its use. It is not easy to come out from trance of this drug. 

Charas addiction symptoms  People who are addictive, may feel pain and becomes uncomfortable making them want to take more and more of it. Not having desired drug in their body can increase their heart beat and blood pressure. It will create same effect on your body as alcohol or heroin does on your body. People who take charas regularly will have red eyes and swollen lids sometimes.

Charas side effects  Addiction of this drug will cause damage to person’s body same as smoking. Charas is sometimes pain relieving and soothing but addiction can cause extreme mood swings and irritation while experiencing lows.  Although it is taken for pleasure experience but this drug has long term side effects also. It can cause damage to respiratory functions as well as neurological disorders can arise. People using it may also feel unable to co-ordinate between their actions. 

How to get rid of charas addiction?  Once someone has decided to leave it. He needs a motivation to do so. Leaving this drug may cause irregular sleep,  anxiety, loss of apetite or pain. So higher the motivation, higher are the chances to stop using this drug. Try not to keep company with people who use this drug.  Stay positive, happy and focused. Eat proper nutrients as charas takes away important body minerals and vitamins. Filling up defficiency can boost up your process of leaving drug. 



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