Psychological Causes of Stomach Problems in Urdu


Psychological Causes of Stomach Problems

Psychological causes of stomach problem: Stomach diseases are normally the result of bad eating habits. Physicians believe that stomach disorder cannot be only caused by the carelessness in eating. There might be some other reasons behind it as well.

If a person is psychologically disturbed, he would ultimately become a victim of stomach problem. Physicians give argument that the people with stomach diseases caused by low quality food and those who are psychologically ill are almost equal in number.

The bitter fact is that the treatment of psychological diseases of stomach is a difficult one and time taking process as compared to the common patients of stomach problems. More detail about the psychological causes of stomach problem is written below along with some stomach tips.

The world has a variety of humans and all of them have different family backgrounds, living conditions, relations, mentality and power to face the life’s hardships. Some people are very strong and they don’t bother the minor problems of their life and live happily.

But there are also those people living in the world, who have very low tolerance against the problems of their life and became mentally stressed and physically weak very easily. Such people are sensitive about their life, living condition and even got worried due the minor problems.

Such people are more likely to develop stomach problems because of ill minds. Most of the people thought that how can be the stomach get affected by the mental tension? According to the experts’ view, when we eat something, our blood circulates in the digestion of the food.

Blood helps to produce the enzymes that take part in the food digestion. If a person is mentally depressed then the blood flow would be toward the reduction of that tension and depression not to the stomach. The ultimate result of this is the stomach improper digestion because less number of enzymes would be secreted.

It is the reason that doctors and physicians advise that one should not take bath immediately after having meal. It is also suggested that one should not study after eating something. Our mind is also a part of our body and if it is having some problem then it is obvious that it can affect other parts of the body.


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