Causes of Hair Fall

According to a study/research by the Academy of Dermatology, hair has three different stages, growth stage, rest stage, and shedding stage. Hair fall in men and women has become an extremely common health problem in all over the world. Its domain is a minor decrease in the overall thickness to the entirely bald scalp.

This health problem was earlier more frequently gotten in people over the age of 30. Nevertheless, it is now being conveyed at ample younger age containing late teens. No one can escape from this problem. There are several reasons for hair fall in men and women. Today we will discuss some of them briefly.

1. Physical Suffering

Hair fall may be started in men or women on a temporary basis due to any kind of physical suffering/trauma like surgery, a road accident or continuous severe illness. Hair fall can be started in the circumstances which are stressful or contain lots of depression. Depressed situations can disturb hair cycle and push hairs towards shedding phase. Hair fall becomes prominent after three to six months of physical suffering.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is another cause of hair fall in women. Hair fall gets start after three months of the delivery. During pregnancy hormones get rise which causes the hair fall soon after delivery. After few months of delivery, hormones get into a normal cycle. Normal hair loss delayed during the pregnancy may occur at once after the delivery.

3. Heredity

Heredity is another reason for hair fall in both men and women. In women, there may be hair thinning which causes hair fall. In men, there is a pattern for hair baldness. Hair baldness may be at a specified age. In men pattern baldness is most common and be started in the puberty. In this situation hair loss may be due to the hair thinning, hairs get soft and gets smaller in size.

4. Shortage of Protein in Diet

Protein plays a vital role in the growth hairs and making new hairs. If the diet is being taken adequately along with sufficient quantity of protein then it would keep men and women away from hair loss.
One should take sufficient quantity of protein in daily eating routine. Protein includes chicken, fish, soy products (soy milk, soy sauce, soybean paste, misco), low-fat cheese, eggs, almonds, beans, and yogurt.

5. Products for Hair Styling

Excessive use of products for hair styling has also become the major reason for the hair fall in women as well in men. People like these products because they think that use of these products can groom their personality and make them different in any party or at the workplace. These products include, hair pressing, blow drying, chemical rebounding, and curling irons. Hair thinning can be caused due to incorrect hair styles along with tight braiding.

6. Medication

Excessive use of medicines can cause the hair fall. Continuous use of Medicines for depression, heart problems, arthritis, high blood pressure and birth control is a major reason for hair fall in both men and women.

7. Head’s ┬áRadiation Therapy

Patients with cancer have to go through the radiation therapy which causes complete hair fall. Cancer patients also go through chemotherapy. After this process hair cannot grow back as before.

8. Skin Disorder

There are some diseases which cause scarring alopecia that may result in an everlasting loss at the damaged areas.

These conditions contain lichen planus, some types of lupus and sarcoidosis.

9. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes in the body can cause hair fall in men and women. These changes include the onset of menopause and thyroid gland etc.


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