Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Parda in Islam in Urdu

“Parda” is an Islamic term which translates as “Veil”. Parda or Hijab means in English a cloth which is used by women to cover...

Interview | Interview Tips | Job Interview Preparation Tips

An impressive interview determines the bright future. Usually it happens that in spite of matching with the criteria, you cannot get...

April Fool | April Fool History

April fool that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in many countries of the world, despite not knowing the real truth about this day, the Muslim...

All You Need to Know About Ramadan

There are lots of questions about Ramadan that are frequently asked about people who...

Why Car Prices Are Higher In Pakistan

Why Car Prices Are Higher In Pakistan In Pakistan, from last few years there is no increase is seen...

Change Your Eating Habits in the Month of Ramadan

The ninth month of Islamic calendar is the most important month for the Muslims of the whole...

How to Maintain a Car: Tips in Urdu

Instructions and Tips for Maintaining your Car Some people take care of their cars more than they care for their own bodies. They...

Mothers Are Special | Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of May every year to honor and show love to all the mothers. Most countries like Australia,...

How to Save Electricity

Follow these important steps in order to save electricity in your homes. Ways to Save Electricity

Is Your Job Making You Depressed

Saying about life,“Life is simple, it’s just not easy”It means life is simple but not easy because it’s having many ups and...

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