Monday, October 19, 2020

How to Make Hair Long and Silky at Home ?

Full of life hair add to the grace in the personality of a woman, it is also believed that they are feminine...

How to Get Pink Lips?

Pink and soft lips look elegant and make us look always fresh. Due to some reasons or...

Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips Care In Urdu

LipsĀ are the prominent feature of the face and also the delicate part of your face so that special care is required to...

Skin Care Best Natural Face Cleanser

You must have noticed that skin of newborn baby is very soft and clear. As the baby grows up, due to...

Zubaida Apa k Totkay | Zubaida Tariq Tips in Urdu

If you want to search Zubaida Tariq tips in Urdu on internet, you have to search Zubaida Apa k totkay. Zubaida Tariq is a famous name in our...

Zubaida Tariq Beauty Tips | Beauty Tips in Urdu

Zubaida Tariq holds a very significant and famous name in providing healthy and beautiful tips for skin care. She is the most perfect lady for...

8 Tips to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally Forever

Sebaceous glands are related with hair follicles and in the pores of skin. Sebaceous glands generate sebum which helps in making our skin waterproof...

How To Remove Dark Circles

How To Remove Dark Circles Dark circles around the eyes badly effect the natural beauty so we need to...

How To Remove Lipstick From Lips?

Most of the facial skin diseases are caused by improper removal of make-up from the face. Women that apply make-up daily should...

7 Homemade Face Masks for Winter in Urdu

7 Useful Homemade Face Masks for Winter Season in Urdu

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