Best Business in Pakistan With Low Investment


Business in Pakistan with Low Investment: Thinking about investments? And earning profits through successful business? Tick tick… Then it’s time to invest now. But wait wait wait… Where and how? Don’t you have a large amount of money or initial investments? Then we are here to solve your problem. And we will give you some good ideas on what business to start in Pakistan with low investment.

When it comes to the term “profitable business” most of the people really think about stocks, shares, foreign investments, multinationals and huge money. But keep our guarantee that you can start your very own business with minimum funds and these low investment businesses can also be successful enough to make you top of the list businessman.


And we really mean it. If you are that entrepreneur that we are looking for then we have a list of ideas for you to be generated.

Pakistan is no doubt a land of opportunities due to its rich and vibrant culture. It has a vast scope for low investment businesses. So, for now, forget about all those huge investments and get yourself prepared to rule the market with our great ideas for businesses in Pakistan with low investment.

Here are some really good ideas for you to start your business with low investment.

List of Businesses that You Can Start with Low Investment:

  1. Undergarments
  2. Flavored Tea
  3. Wallets
  4. Stalls and Corner Places in Shops
  5. Flavored Naan Shop
  6. Online Businesses

1. Undergarments:

Everyone cannot afford Calvin Klein or Victoria secret. But why one should worry about it? Let’s start your very own brand. Undergarments have local as well as international target market also. Fabric cost is very low in this business and with your little touch of imagination and uniqueness, you can make that fabric sell for thousands. Yes, literally thousands. This business can also be started as a bi-product if you are already running garment business in the industry. Scrap fabric can be used to minimize cost.

2. Flavored Tea:

Do u know tea is one of the world’s most famous five drinks? And in different cultures, people prefer different tastes. We Pakistanis are tea lovers. The World most famous teas are raspberry tea, blueberry tea, English classic tea, milk tea and black tea and there are still so many other flavors to count. Why not start a tea stall or a simple contract with any restaurant to handle tea section. You go to five-star hotels and pay a minimum of up To 1000rs. For one cup of tea only. So make your tea that special extravagant luxury for the customers that everyone loves to buy. For this, you will need a low initial budget to start and of course some research about different teas to conquer taste buds of customers.

3. Wallets:

Best choice to start this business is if you already have leather or thick fabric business in the market. Or you can have a contract with them to provide you with their leftover and scrap material at low cost than the market. Start your brand and make your name known in the industry.

4. Stalls and Corner Places in Shops:

If you have good fashion sense or you are excellent in baking or cooking and want your product to reach tangible to target market and if you think you have skills to make your brand customer’s choice then forget to worry about extravagant outlets and shops and to pay high rents for them. All you need to do is that you can buy a corner display for your five to ten articles in already well-reputed brands outlet. You can get their customer’s attention for your product with your special talent and all you have to do is to pay some amount of your profit to that brand. But it’s OK for a fresh start and you can buy your own place for outlet afterward.

5. Flavored Naan Shop:

We are undoubtedly a “food lover” country. And of course, the food business is not that much easy for everyone to start. Either it takes decades to be a known food chain or you will need a high investment to buy a franchise. But if you are seriously interested in starting this business you can start with flavored naan shop. Yes, almost every Pakistani loves desi food. And guess who is not going to buy a Naan from your shop. By bringing a large variety from garlic naan to spicy naan, mutton naan or potato naan. Even pizza naan is now on the market. You can grab customer’s attention and we hope this business is never ever going to be a flop.

You can also start a food truck for this flavored naan or tea thing and even different other food varieties like veggie shawarma or flavored potatoes chips etc.

6. Online Businesses:

If you are good at something, have some extraordinary talent and want to reach your desired target market to sell your product then why not to trust technology? Go online and rule the market. It will not save only your initial production cost and rents but also offers guaranteed results. You can go online with as low budget as FREE. Create your pages and blogs and avail the opportunities.

We have provided you with enough ideas to rock and roll in the business field with minimum possible capital. Now the ground is all yours. We hope that these ideas can be a good start for you. All we can say is BEST OF LUCK!!!


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