Breastfeeding and Fasting


Breastfeeding and fasting are two things which are interrelated and affect a woman’s health as well as her baby’s. When a woman has a bay to feed and she has to keep fast in the month of Ramadan there are many questions that she might need answers for. Such questions have been discussed and given answers to in order to help all those ladies out there.

Is it okay to Fast and Breastfeed Your Baby?

Breastfeeding and fasting is an important topic that demands the attention of every woman who has a baby to feed. There are some people who think that it is not necessary to keep fast while you are breastfeeding and there are some who say that fast should not be missed because you have to breastfeed your baby.

Although the matter of breastfeeding the child and fasting depends on what Islam and Shariah says about it as well as the age of your baby. It is based on the conditions whether the baby is an infant and survives only on your milk or if he or she is one year old or more and can eat other food items in the regular diet. It calls upon your own medical condition as well which determines whether you can breastfeed your baby and fast or not.

Does Fasting and Breastfeeding Harm the Child in Anyway?

It is completely okay to breastfeed the child while fasting because it would not affect the nutritional value of the milk in any way. The lack of calories because of not eating anything throughout the day will take place but it would be adjusted by the body on its own and it would not do any problem in the production of milk for the baby.

If a mother does not eat or take any calories in the next 24 hours, it would not at all effect the production and the nutritional value of the milk and the baby would be able to get all the required nutrition through the mother’s milk without any delay or change.
If later than that or even before that, there is any affect or change, your body will definitely signal you through weakness and troubles and that would be the time when there will be changes in the production of milk that might take place and you would need to do something about it.

Would there be any changes in the Milk that might affect the baby in any way at all?

The changes in the milk do not really affect the health of baby. Even the taste of milk would not create any such problem. The baby is already used to adjust through the milk changes that take place because it changes regularly because of the food you eat and the fats you are in-taking through these days when you have to breastfeed your child.

The food that you eat affects the production and the taste of the food and their nutritional effect is always present in your milk, that is why it is not big deal and your baby will definitely adjust to the change.

But things might differ in different cases. There can be exceptions as well. If you see that your baby is not drinking your milk properly or is facing some issues then you should definitely consult your doctor and do something about it.

Will Fasting while the Mother Breastfeeds harm the mother in any way?

Although there is no big issue that is going to take place during fasting while you breastfeed. The changes because of lack of energy and calories that would take place in your body will be adjusted by your metabolic system on its own. It is prudent to take good and healthy diet in the times when you do not have to fast in order to create balance in the energy currency of your body.

There is one problem that seems to occur quite frequently in the mothers who breastfeed while they fast and that is Dehydration.


Dehydration takes place due to the lack of water in the body. When you are:

  • Not taking water throughout the day.
  • Your body’s water content is being lost through the use of water being made for your own metabolism.
  • The water amount being lost through sweating.
  • Water being lost through the milk that you are supposed to feed your baby.

These are the major reasons that result in water deficiency in the body and you would get some particular symptoms if you are becoming dehydrated:

  • You will feel really thirsty,
  • Feel dizzy and weak,
  • You will develop headache or feel pain in the stomach

If you notice these signs then you do not have to take them carelessly and ignore them. You must be wise enough to consult a doctor or do something about it.

How can women be their own help in this regard?

Women must take these matters very seriously and pay more attention to their health than anything else in such situations. If you are to breastfeed your child that does not mean you have to stay away from fasting. It is a religious obligation that must be fulfilled and it will definitely earn you better rewards form Allah. There are certain things that you can do about it.

  1. You should make sure that you have enough food n Sehr and after Iftar to support the energy deficiency.
  2. Take dietary fibers in your routine meal to support the energy deficiency. This will the food will digest slowly and you will feel full throughout the day.
  3. Take good foods and stay away from junk food items.
  4. Take as much water as you can. You should add some glucose content in your diet as well.
  5. You can get glucose form the market and dissolve it in the water that you have to drink in order to meet the energy deficiency.

These things will help you survive easily through your fasting and feed your child easily without any worries. There will be no troubles to be faced.

The key to Health:

The key to health is to listen to your body all the time and respond to it according to its needs. If your body is giving you signals telling that you need something or that there is something wrong then you should not ignore it at any cost.


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