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Brain is the most imperative part of human body and God has furnished billions of neurons in this little mass. It is a hub that is comprises of network of hundreds of veins called nervous system; controls all the activities of body. This article consists of many aspects of brain functions that clarify the problems and functionality of the human brain.

How the Brain Works

Sometimes, you are amazed to look at the extraordinary working of your brain like whenever you feel pain in any part of your body or look at anything; it is your brain, which informs you instantly about that feeling or the objects. Your body acts according to the instructions of the brain and you take necessary measures according to the analysis made by your brain. When you perform multitask at a time, the working efficiency of brain is decreased, according to some scientists. It may be the reason that walls of schools are furnished with different kinds of colorful paintings so that children can keep themselves in a pleasant mood, busy every time and learn in a quick manner. Such activities keep the mind fresh for a longer time. According t o John McCarthy this is called artificial learning, which can be enhanced through such ways.

Human brain has to face many problems in routine tasks such as.

  • Restless while solving complex problems
  • Cannot feel comfortable with certain environmental conditions
  • Your surroundings and the activities in which you cannot adjust
  • Some social norms and values that your mind is unable to accept
  • Anxieties and irritation are also some of the reasons for improper functioning of brain.

To cope up with the problems stated above, you have to give yourself justified logics and increase your cognitive Jose. You have to develop the intellect to adjust with t eh situation and create a sagacity to understand the concept of situational behavior. One can boost the capabilities of brain by learning new things, by thinking in different dimensions and always try to keep you calm and relax; evolution of the mind. Another fact of the brain is that it fastens the process of learning if a reward is linked with that learning process that is why employees are given many incentives so that they can work and learn well. Opposite will be the case if any of you cannot get the desired reward from any task.


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