Bodybuilding In Urdu


Want to develop a strong look? Are you worried about your excessive weight? Now days every one wants to be look fit and smart. Body building is a tool to get this goal. Information about Bodybuilding in Urdu is explained here. If we look at the champions of 1940-1950’s, there would be a huge difference between them and today’s champions. Today the body builders only try to make their muscles large and attractive but not on making these strong and resistive. However, the past body builders emphasized on the health of their each body part. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the experienced and successful body builders of that time. Today’s body builders must follow his techniques to make build a beautiful and healthy body. For this, you have to improve your muscular and mental capabilities by using latest technology and modern techniques. You can never get a beautiful and strong body if you go to a gym and straight away start lifting heavy weights, it could be harmful instead.
Proper development and expansion of muscles depends upon the knowhow of bodybuilding. Before going for this you must know about the type of muscles you have because different people have different types of muscles, which may be among these three types.

Ectomorph: These are slim muscles with very low fats on them.

Endomorph: These are larger and stronger than the Ectomorphs and have much fat in them. These can develop and enhance very well.

Mesomophs: These are the strongest muscles and have high resistive capabilities. Those who have this type of muscles could be better body builders.
You would be requiring following equipment for body building:

  • Free Weights: For this purpose barbells and dumbbells are very important. Barbells are commonly 7 to 8 inch long. While the size of dumbbells are little less than that of barbells.
  • Plates: plates are of different sizes and weights; these are used to increase the weights on barbells and dumbbells. The weight ranges from 10 to 50 pounds.
  • Collars: these are metal made elements used to maintain the balance of plates at barbells and dumbbells.
  • Machines: these machines are necessary for bodybuilding, having different shapes and sizes, and helping the builders to lift weight with the help of pulleys and wires.
  • Bench: for building bench is very much necessary. For different exercises different benches are used like flat benches, inline benches and decline benches.
  • Weight lifting belt: leather made belt, which protects you from getting hurt. Tied around shoulders and back so that it could support the body.

Hope you found your required body building tips at this link for bodybuilding in Urdu.


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