Basic Bodybuilding Tips and Guide in Urdu


Before starting bodybuilding there are few things which must be considered and it is very important to understand them.

  • The most basic and important thing needed for Bodybuilding is personal commitment. Bodybuilding demands a complete change in the lifestyle and habits. Most people fail because they are not fully committed so do not start body building half heartedly, start it only when you are fully committed and willing to change your lifestyle.
  • Before starting bodybuilding assess your body and what type of attention is needed by what part of the body. Like some people have slim legs or a lot of fats on tummy similarly identify your weak points to schedule your exercise program that helps your problem areas.
  • It is very important to set your goals when you start bodybuilding. If you are fat then first plan how much fat you need to lose before you concentrate on the shape of your body. Similarly other goals can be set like how much weight you can lift and when to increase weight, how much muscle weight to gain etc.
  • Before you start doing heavy exercise like lifting weights it is very important to warm up first to prepare your body for intensive exercise. The warm up converts your body from rest to exercise mode. If you don’t warm up properly for like 20 or 25 minutes you can experience muscle pull during exercise.
  • Don’t compare yourself with your other buddies with you. The ability to gain is not same for everyone so make your own notes and compare your progress with your previous measurements.
  • If you are not comfortable doing body-building alone then choose a partner who is punctual and strict about his exercise routines.
  • Do not over exercise or don’t try to lift weights more than your strength. Start from 5-10kg and increase gradually over a week or when you feel yourself ready to lift heavier. At least lift constant weight for three to four days before you increase weight.
  • Only work on your whole body on the first day of your training as an introduction. After the first day divide your muscles into three or four groups. Like Monday for chest, Tuesday for back, biceps, forearms and etc.
  • It is strongly recommended to exercise six days a week and take one day off to give your body rest.
  • The day before you take rest do legs exercise as it is the most tiring exercise and body needs rest after it.
  • Strictly follow the instructions of your trainer during exercise.
  • Eat healthy food like fruits and fresh juices to give your body enough energy for exercise and avoid eating junk food.


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