Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin in Urdu


Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin: Vitamins play a vital role in the development and nourishment of skin. They are a vital part of our body chemistry and we should take good amount of vitamins to stay healthy.

Everyone knows that vitamins are important for health but knowing that they are very effective for skin is something we shall discuss today. When we know what types of vitamins are good for our skin, we can be aware of what foods we should eat to increase the vitamin content in our body so to make skin glowing and whitening.

Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin:

The best vitamins for a healthy skin are Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

Vitamin A: Skin Maintenance and Repairing Process

The maintenance and repair of skin is carried out by Vitamin A in the body. If the skin is not healthy, it is dry and the texture is not good. It may be because of the deficiency of Vitamin A in the body. Many children and even ladies get spots on their face which look very bad and affect the beauty. This can be dealt with by the use of food products which are rich in Vitamin A. these products include Milk, eggs, Cereals and yogurt. If we take these things regularly then we shall be able to meet the deficiency and the regular use makes skin fresh and glowing.

Vitamin B: Be Blessed with Biotin

Biotin is a form of Vitamin B which is very important for skin and other parts of body. It forms the very basis of our skin and if it is deficient in our body we can suffer from a medical condition called as dermatitis. Moreover, it can cause itchy skin and result in its deterioration as well.

This makes it very important for us to have a balanced amount of Vitamin B in our body. Although, Biotin is naturally produced by body to meet its needs but there are foods which can help us externally to meet the deficiency. These food items include rice, eggs, Oatmeal and Fruits Like Bananas.

Vitamin C: Reduce the Sun Damage and Improve the Complexion of Skin

If we want to reduce the sun damage effects on our skin and want our tissues to repair themselves on their own then we should consume a good amount of Vitamin C. it is really helpful in improving the texture of skin and make it glow.

There are many fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C and are easily available in the market. It also strengthens the immune system and boosts the beauty of the skin.

To consume Vitamin C we should take Oranges and other citrus products.

Vitamin E: Avoid Wrinkles and Keep Skin Smooth

If we want to avoid the sun damage and wrinkles and want our skin to become smooth and beautiful then we should consuming food items which are rich with vitamin E.

There are many skin products that come rich with Vitamin E and they can be easily bought from the market. But there also food items which are available and can be consumed in daily routine. These include nuts eggs and green vegetables.

Vitamin K: Reduce Eye Circles and Bruises

If we want to reduce eye circles which appear because of excessive working, weakness or insomnia, then it is better to consume effective amount of Vitamin K. these circles appear because of the weakness caused by the deficiency of Vitamin K. foods which are rich in Vitamin K are Green vegetables, spring onions, sprouts and cabbage.

Having a balanced amount of these vitamins will ensure healthy, glowing and whitening skin more than ever.


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