Introduction to Dry Hair:

Dry or brittle hair is a common problem facing many people today. Due to the scorching heat, environmental exposure and excessive use of chemical and heating apparatus, hair quality is becoming worse day by day.Best Products for Dry Hair

Good hair needs gentle products and hair practices. The right knowledge and use of these products is also very important to ensure that treatment is effective. The handling and manipulation of your hair is another important factor when preventing dry hair since it easier to detangle hair when it is moist and slippery. Here we will talk about the best products for dry hair.

5 Best Products for Dry Hair

1. Use of Shampoos:

Sulfate shampoos are required only when you have extreme buildup on your hair. It is therefore advisable to purchase a good brand shampoo for dry and brittle hair. Dr. Bronner’s Shampoo is one of them. It is made with natural ingredients which is good for healthy hair growth and replenishment of natural oils. A few other Organic Natural Hair Shampoos are Dr. Bronner’s Lavender oil Shampoo and Organic Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo.

2. Use of PH Balanced Products:

Hair needs a PH balance of 4.5 – 5.5. Prior to buying a product, check the labels to make sure they are PH balanced. PH balanced products keep your cuticle closed, thus sealing in moisture. This way your hair breathes and grows in a perfect environment.

3. Use of Oils:

Oiling must be done to replenish the loss of natural oils from your hair. The use of natural oils is also very important to regulate the moisture in your hair. The Redken Soft Argan 6 Oil is the best product for dry hair. It contains natural ingredients and is made of Argan Oil, best for the treatment of dry hair.

4. Use of Hydrating Mask:

A hydrating mask is essential for dry hair which has lost a lot of natural moisture. To keep it nourished and healthy, a good hydrating mask must be used. The Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask is ideal for this purpose. You can use it once a week by substituting it with regular hair conditioner. Apply to damp hair, Leave for a few minutes and wash off. The results are amazing and quick.

5. Use of Post Shower Serum:

After you have taken a shower it is important to give your hair that last dose of nutrition. Avon Damage Repair is the best post shower serum available in the market for giving your hair that last finishing touch. This magical serum can reverse the damage done to your hair in the last 3 years. Even the driest of hair become 100 times healthier after regular application of this “miracle” serum.


The use of reputed and renowned hair products is always beneficial for any hair problem. They might be a bit expensive than regular brands, but the results they produce are astonishing and quick. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase products after extensive research.


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