Benefits of Floods


Almost all the major rivers of the world keep changing their course due to a number of geographical changes and flooding. As a result of the floods, the banks of the rivers have expanded over time and have changed directions to a wide extent. It has also made man to think of ways to reap benefits from these river waters instead of letting them drain in the seas.

After carrying out research, the experts figured out that the first priority should be to build dams in order to store the excess water of the rivers during the flood season. In this way, we will be able to utilize clean and fresh water before it flows in to the seas.

It has also been discovered that floods can provide us with a number of other benefits, which can bring about an improvement in natural resources. The details about these benefits are discussed below.


One of the reasons behind the expansion of forest lands are river floods. When the water of the river overflows, it spreads to the forests and carries the seeds of different plants with it from one place to another. In this way, these plants start growing in various areas, thereby increase the percentage of land covered with forests. Following are some major advantages of forests.

  • These forests are a big source of oxygen supply. For this reason, they have been considered as the lungs of the earth.
  • Forests are home to around one third of the world’s living organisms.
  • They are also a source of wood, which is used for construction purposes on a large scale.
    Alluvial Soil and Fertility
  • The excessive flood water can ruin the crops. However, it also carries alluvial soil, which makes the earth extremely fertile for the growth of crops.

Ground Water

The earth is divided into different regions based on the natural reservoirs of water available. One of the important water reservoirs is ground water. This water is used on a large scale by the human populations of the world.

A significant portion of the flood water is absorbed in the earth. In this way, the levels of ground water are restored. This is called Recharging Ground Water.

Preserving of Ecosystem

The outflow of river also causes water to reach other areas of land, which not only replenishes the levels of water but also supports other life sources that help in the preservation of regional ECO system. The life that sprouts out of water becomes a source of nourishment for higher life in the system.

River Delta

When the rivers fall to the seas or into another river, the piece of ground that is left behind is known as a delta. This is an extremely fertile piece of land. The occurrence of floods increases the frequency of the development of river deltas.

Enrichment of Soil

Most of the times a major portion of land become useless because of the unavailability of water. Flood water not takes water and other soil nutrients with it to those lands and replenishes them to make it invigorated. This is usually not possible in ordinary circumstances.

Water for Drinking

Flood water may sometimes flow to arid regions of the earth where rainfall is infrequent. As a result, floods provide a source of water for such regions. It can also be utilized for drinking purpose after being filtered and cleaned.


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