6 Benefits of Apple to Ensure Why You Must Have an Apple a Day


An apple a day keeps the doctor away… And we are getting a little evil here again that if your doctor is smart you may keep the apple away. Ahh to handle this you need to know a lot of other offerings from this little crunchy delicious bomb loaded with vitamins to keep it in your cart anyway.

Apple has its own importance anyway whether we are talking about Adam’s apple or Newton’s apple. And don’t forget about Steve’s apple also 🙂 yeah we are telling you that benefits of apple are mesmerizing enough to love an apple and make it an apple of your eye 🙂 give us a chance to prove it 🙂

Apple is rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Apple varies in shapes and sizes. Usually, they are eaten in raw form and are very tasty. They are also added in different recipes, desserts, and salads. Apple juice and apple cider vinegarare also famous drinks extracted from the apple.

Benefits of apple are so tempting that one will never stop eating it after knowing. We bet you!!!

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What Does an Apple Have in It?

Apples are mainly composed of high fiber, carbohydrates and simple sugar like fructose, sucrose, and glucose.

Despite the high level of sugar and carbohydrates, the glycemic level of apple is very low means that after eating the apple what will be the rise in the level of blood sugar? The glycemic index value of apple ranges between 25 – 45 which is low and low glycemic level means healthy food. As apple has a low glycemic level and contains high fiber it is best for health.

An average apple contains 55 – 90 calories approx. Depending on their size.

A single medium size apple contains 4% of both soluble and insoluble fiber which is 17% of our daily recommended allowance.

Apple is low in fats and cholesterols. And contains a considerable amount of vitamins and potassium.

Apple is also rich in antioxidants like quercetin, catechin, and chlorogenic acid and all of these have important health benefits.

6 Benefits That Justify Why to Eat an Apple Every Day?

1. Prevent Alzheimer’s:

As we all know apple has antioxidants that help in anti-aging. And by anti-aging, we mean anti-aging for the brain too. Researches have shown that drinking apple juice regularly saves you from Alzheimer’s as it boosts level of neurotransmitters.

The research was done on mice though and the mice who were fed apple on regular basis did better in a maze than others.

What we can say except eat an apple every day and be a better maze runner:-P

2. Protect Against Cancer:

Researches have shown that Apple and apple peel have special compounds that can protect against breast, colorectal, pancreatic and liver cancer.

3. Diabetes Control:

As mentioned earlier apple has low glycemic value, its sugar dissolves easily in the body and hence reducing sugar level in blood protecting against diabetes. Researchers have found out that people who eat apple have a low risk of diabetes type 2 as compared to those who did not have an apple a day.

4. Prevent Heart Attack:

Cholesterol has its special love for heart and it prefers to stay in arteries blocking the blood flow and causing heart failure and heart attacks. The phenolic compound present in apple peel prevents cholesterol from sticking in your arteries making your heart happy and healthy. Eating an apple a day also decrease the risk of high blood pressure.

5. Aids in Weight Loss:

Another benefit of apple is that it is rich in fiber it is beneficial enough to be included in weight loss diet.

It also helps in regulating bowel and treating diarrhea and constipation. Which has a direct link to diet issues and weight loss? A happy stomach leads to the healthy lifestyle and efficient weight loss.

For just your general information we have also heard that apple is appetite stimulator. Hmm may be more appetite and say no to eat in hunger contributes more in weight loss.

6. Boost Immune System:

A powerful antioxidant quercetin present in apple is known to boost immune system especially when you are stressed out. So we suggest you have at least one apple a day to get your mood in control 🙂

Have an apple a day and be beautiful:

Apple has a lot of benefits for hair and skin. Eating apple regularly can make your skin fresh and shiny. Apple cider vinegar is important to discuss when talking about getting beautiful skin and hair. Applying Apple cider vinegar on your face removes pimples, scars, acne and the powerful anti-aging oxidants reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your skin making your skin look younger. It also lightens the marks on the skin making your skin fairer than before.

Apple cider vinegar when applied on hair also not only makes your hair fresh and clean but also cure many hair and scalp problems.

Apple cider vinegar is also used to make different face and hair packs.

Are Apple Seeds Good Enough to Eat?

Shh, we are going to share a secret research that says cancer actually has a cure and it is in apple seeds. And it is being hidden from the world for monetary purposes as cancer is an expensive disease to deal with. Cancer medicines cost thousands and the mafia is hiding the natural secret anti-cancer recipe to save their business. But it was just a study we read. We hope we are not going to get haunted by some mafia people for revealing this secret out 😛

The contrary news is also in the air that apple seeds contain a poison cyanide. But it is between that hard coating in seeds and less enough for our body to detoxify it. So do not worry about it.

So after knowing all these benefits of apple we hope your love for apple has grown more and more and you are surely going to have an apple a day.

Interesting Fact:

Steve jobs named the company Apple because he loved the fruit and was fruitarian when the company was formed and because Silicon Valley was based in fruit orchards.


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