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It was an old trend that only brides used to go to the beauty parlors for wedding makeup but now the trend has been changes as now both the bride and groom go to the beauty parlors for makeup and skin treatments. Because of that trend we see many beauty salons for men. One negative side of these parlors is that they all use same products for both men and women, which is totally ineffective because the skin of men is totally different in nature than women. Women skin is more soft and delicate as compared to eth skin of men. So the treatments and beauty tips for men should also be different. The number of those parlors that are using different products for different skin types is very low. So you should choose the beauty y salons wisely.

Following are the some beauty tips for men to keep their skin fresh and glowing.

  • Use face wash instead of soap to wash your face because soap makes your skin dull and dry.
  • Consult to the skin specialist to figure out your skin type then buy the best suited cleanser in accordance with your skin.

Men mostly go to the barber shops or beauty salons for shaving. One can also shave at home but take care while using blades. One should apply shaving cream instead of soap while shaving. Shaving cream of Gillette and Nivea are the good options; provide moisture to the skin. We recommend you to use Gillette shaving razor to have a smooth shave.

Acne problem:
Men have to spend most of the time of the day outside the home that cause skin problems like acne because skin absorbs dust and oil. Avoid touching the pimples again & again and wash your face with the anti acne face wash or soap. Some of the trustworthy brands of skin care products are Neutrogena, Clearasil, Oxy, clean & clear.

For dry skin:
Dry skin is sensitive that needs to be moisturized frequently and for that purpose you can use facial moisturizers. Aveeno is a good moisturiser with aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

With all other skin care cosmetics it is very important to use moisturizer that has glycerin in it. Following are the some brands, you can trust.

  • L’Oreal moisturizer
  • Gillette facial scrub
  • L’Oreal men expert
  • Nivea anti age cream
  • Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash
  • L’Oreal Hydra Energetic Cleansing Gel
  • Papaya Face Wash
  • Nivea For Men Deep Energetic Cleansing Gel


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