Beauty Tips for Acne Skin


Acne is the form of a skin disease in which the secreted sebum of skin gets together in the tiny holes of the skin and then this sebum is trapped in these holes creating many skin problems. Acne can appear on any of the part of your body, it may be your face, neck, shoulder, back, chest etc. Pimple is one of the type of Acne. It is juicy blemish with white head on it. These pimple leave a long lasting sign on the body which looks very ugly and may ruin your beauty.
Many people on this planet are facing this problem. To get rid from this problem one need to adopt the right treatment, it may be natural or by the use of commercial products.
Use of Green Tea
One of the best and foremost way of usage of green tea against acne is drinking/taking three to five cups of green tea each day till the complete removal of acne from your face. This would regulate and normalize the production of hormones and sebum.
Using Honey
Honey contains lot of natural benefits which are beneficial for the skin. So, if you use honey with green tea then this would be addition in your treatment for acne and the process of curing will be improved.
Use Vitamins
There are two vitamins, mainly, niacin and vitamin A can be used to treat acne. You may take 150 mg niacin (three to four times a day), vitamin A (prescribed quantity) and 450 mg of Vitamin E (one time a day) by the advice of your doctor. Discuss with your doctor before taking these vitamins for acne.

Use of Zinc for Acne
Zinc is a normal mineral which may be found naturally in poultry, beans, nuts, red meat, oysters, whole grains and encouraged mueslis. Medicines with Zinc form is also effective in cure of acne. Though, don’t forget to get the advice of your doctor before using zinc in medicinal form.
Don’t take excessive tea, coffee, alcohol, sugary, tobacco
Try to avoid too much consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, sugary or caffeinated beverages or tobacco and sedentary life style. These all things subsidize to metabolism illnesses and activating of acne. All of your ill habits can result in foul things gathering in your pores and forming obstructions in your skin pores.
Avoid to touch your acne area
This is a bad practice to touch the affected area with dirty hands. This may pass on extra dirt, oil, bacteria and grime to the affected areas which can activate acne. Do not crush, pinch or hole the pimples. It is a very good natural beauty tip for Acne Treatment.
Slather on the sunscreen.
Wearing sunscreen is the easiest way to look younger for life. Ninety five percent of wrinkles are due to sun exposure. It is easier to prevent the damage than to fix it. Which means no slacking during winter months either, when rays are just as strong and can reflect off of buildings and sidewalks. Look for a formula that offers broad-spectrum protection to guard against UVA rays (the ones that cause premature aging) and UVB rays (one of the main causes of skin cancer).

Keep clean your makeup brushes.
 Seventy five percent of women never wash their brushes or sponges, even however they port dirt and bacteria which may cause breakouts. You should wash loose powder brushes every two to three weeks, and those used to apply foundation once a week. Mix a couple of drops of gentle facial cleanser or shampoo and lukewarm water in a cup, posh your brushes around, rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry, and lay flat to air dry.


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