Basic Bodybuilding Exercises In Urdu


Basic bodybuilding exercises in Urdu is a highly searched topic in Pakistan. Basic bodybuilding exercises are bench press, dumbbell fly, dips, upright row, lat pull down, lateral raise and military press. Before starting exercises, you must warm up your body so that your body does not face any difficulties like pain and muscular stretches. For more details on the topic “basic bodybuilding exercises in Urdu” read the content given below.

  • Bench Press: after warming up your body, start your exercise by lying down on a plane barbell featured bench. Place you feet down on the floor and lift your desired weight with the help of barbell. Grip the barbells firmly by keeping a distance between both hands a little more than the length of your shoulders. Than lift, your hands up and your arms must remain firm. Hold the weight for 1 to 2 seconds than slowly bring it down to your chest. And keep repeating the process for a few sets.
  • Dumbbell Fly: lay down on a bench and place your feet over the bench. Get the dumbbells of equal weights in your hands then bend your elbows and bring your arms to the bench and then get the dumbbells exactly above your chest so that both dumbbells can touch each other. Beware that you must have strong grip on the dumbbells.
  • Dips: this exercise does not need to hold any equipment because in it you use your body weight. It requires a proper dips bar. Stand exactly parallel to these bars and hold the handles of the bars and lift your body up down by keeping your knees bent. And do not make it fast try to move body slowly.
  • Upright row: stand firmly on your feet by spreading your feet in accordance with your feet. Lift the barbell from the floor by keeping a distance of 8 to 10 inches between both hands. Lift the barbell up to your chin, hold for some time and than bring it down. Repeat this process for a few sets.
  • Lat Pull down: this exercise also requires a machine, which has weights tied with the help of cords. Now sit on the bench attached with this machine and grapple handle tide with the wire or cord and bring it in front of you up to your chest and than take it back.
  • Lateral Raise: a useful exercise for shoulders. Stand firm and lift the dumbbells in both of your hand and than bend your elbows a little and than try to lift you elbows parallel to your shoulders and take tan take them down slowly.
  • Multi Press: grapple the barbells in accordance of your shoulders and than lift it up. Than let your arms go down up to their limit. Now lift the barbells up to your chest and than lift it over your head so that you can stretch your elbows fully. At every position, hold the weight for some time and than slowly move towards the next position.


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