Basic Arms Workout In Urdu


People who do not know English very well, often search for the topic about basic arms workout in Urdu. Here we will teach you some basic arms workout exercises. For Curls exercise, pick the barbell up with both hands while your thumbs should be facing outside having proper distance between them. Put it down and wait for a while then pick it up again. In Preacher Curls exercise, you will use a bench specially made for this exercise. First of all, sit down on the bench and spread your arms in front of you. Then pick the barbell up with your hands and try to bring it to your chin without taking help by your legs or any other part of your body. Triceps Pushdown is an exercise in which you have to stand in front of a machine, in which different bars are hanging, you put your hands on the grip having distance between them about 10 inches and pull it toward your chest. In Dips Behind Back exercise, take two benches and put them in front of each other making the distance about 4 to 5 feet between both of them. Now put your feet on one bench and bring your arms back to your backbone and hold the bench with your hands. Your body should be stood in L shape. Your buttocks should be in the air. Now let your buttocks go down to the earth and pull them back to come along with the bench. In Dumbbell Wrist Curl exercise, sit down on a flat bench and bend forward. Put your elbows on your legs and pick the dumbbells in your hands. Now pull the dumbbells toward your chest without moving your elbows and arms. In Reverse Curl exercise, stand straight and pick up the barbell. The back of your hands should be in your direction. Now pull it to your chest and wait for few seconds then let it go back down. For more details, you can read the topic, basic arms workout in Urdu.


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