What is a Balanced Diet?


For maintaining health and strength, a balanced diet is very essential. A balanced diet contains all the necessary elements to provide human growth. If one is not having such balanced diet plan, he may not enjoy the true meaning of life. The person will be unable to perform daily activities efficiently and most of the time he has to face embarrassment due to the weak body structure. A balanced diet should include proper nutrition for the proper development to the body. A diet that does not include such nutrition is known as unbalanced diet. Normally, the food is divided into following five elements;

  1. Proteins
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fats
  4. Minerals
  5. Vitamins

You will find the real balanced diet definition in Urdu here. Read this valuable information about all of these elements and act upon the important advises to enjoy a healthy life.

A major portion of our body comprises of proteins. Meat, veins, blood proteins are everywhere in our body. For this major contribution to our body composition proteins have importance in our foods. Proteins are the composition of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. These are very necessary for development of our bodies. As it creates the body cells and helps in providing heat and energy to the body. These are important for maintaining and developing the red blood cells in our bodies. Moreover their absence have some side effects also like it disturbs the immunity power against diseases, stops development and creation of new body cells, and there is a reduction in red blood cell because of which children might suffer from the disease of anemia.

Carbohydrates are the low cost and easy way to obtain energy. The food elements of carbohydrates contains sugar, honey, jam, jelly, potatoes, rice, banana etc. Along with providing the energy to the body these carbohydrates also saves body from being dehydrated. These are also used to get relief from constipation. Its absence or presence in lower quantity causes in reduction of weight because of which muscular strength goes and the human becomes weaker.

Fats are also one of the important components of which our body is composed of. These are also essential for providing heat and energy to the body more than the carbohydrates. To gain fats the food elements which can be used are ghee, butter, almonds, walnuts, coconut, eggs, chicken, fish, milk etc.

Natural minerals are found in the bones and veins of our bodies. About 50% of our body contains these minerals. The major mineral elements which are essential for human body are calcium, phosphorus, iron etc. Water is the most essential part of our survival. A person can live up to a few weeks with food but he cannot survive more than a few days without water.


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