Bair Fruit: Jujube Fruit Health Benefits


Jujube fruit also known as Bair and Indian berry is grown vastly in India and Pakistan. The history of jujube is 4000 years old and evidence of its use as a fruit and medication have been vastly found. There are three main types of jujube found in the Indian subcontinent; Takhmi, Paywandi and Jhari.

Tahkmi jujube is of circular shape with red color and is usually grown in houses and small farms. It tastes both, sweet and sour. Paywandi jujube is little green in colour and are sweet in taste. They are grown on commercial scale, are larger in size and widely sold across the region as a popular summer fruit. Jhari bair grows on infertile soil and is mostly found in forests. Its taste is sour. Other minor types of jujube found in India are Narma, Karaka, Umri, Gola, Kheera and Khoto. Jujube is an important minor fruit of India, it is also imported from India to throughout the world and fetches its’ farmers a good price.

In terms of medication, it can be called a sibling of apple because of the advantages it has. Jujube can be eaten in any form, fresh, dried or canned. All types of jujube trees are capable of growing in any type of soil without soil fertility being the basic factor. They grow best in hot, dry and humid weather. Jujube trees don’t require any care or excessive watering. Surprisingly jujube contains equal nutrients to that of apples and some jujube also taste like an apple. Jujube is a rich source of Vitamin C and sugar. Jujube tree helps to cure sore throats due to its soreness. It also helps to improve stamina and strength.

Jujube is an important antitoxicant and is used by Muslims to give the last bath to the dead. It keeps insects and reptiles away from the body of the deceased still keeping the body soft. Washing head with its leaves cleans the head from all sorts of infections.

Jujube Beneficial in Digestion Process

Jujube is one of the oldest traditional medicine for stomach or digestion problems. Jujube is helpful fr stomach in many ways. The minerals in it ensure that all the nutrients should be absorbed by tour body. It is also helpful in stomach problems like stomach pain, constipation, and feeling heavy stomach or bloating, etc. It also helps in reducing the harmful acids in stomach which can cause ulcers and gastric problems or any other digestive issues.

Eat Jujube and Sleep Well

Jujube is the oldest Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of sleeping problems. Insomnia is one of the most common problems in these. The main reason why they were used is that they are enriched with saponins that have sedative effect. Saponins support a natural sleep and the sedative effect is responsible for easy sleep as it calms the complete nervous system of human body. By eating Jujube sometime before going to sleep or having its tea will provide you an easy and natural sleep

Jujube Helps in the Treatment of Cancer

Scientific research shows that the chemical compound found in jujubes like saponins, polysaccharides, flavonoids, and many antioxidants are able to control and can also kill some kinds of cancer cells. Antioxidants found in jujube can kill the cells of cancer. Some researches show that they are quite beneficial in preventing or killing the cells of breast cancer and cancerous tumor also. Some scientists believe that that Jujube can be effective med for the treatment of cancer.

Jubjube for Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are one of the biggest issues of today’s world. As jujube is helpful in better sleep it is also traditionally used for treatments of stress and anxiety. There are some chemicals in Jujube like saponins that soothe the nerves of human body and can relieve stress and anxiety problems. Studies show that the low intake of jujube calms the nerves and relieve anxiety issues while higher intakes cause sedative effect that soothes all the nerves and made the human body to sleep.

Jujube strengthens bones

Jujube is enriched with minerals, vitamins, calcium, and iron. The proper intake of Jujube may help in strengthening your bones. It can also help with some bone-related problems like osteoporosis. Jujube is very good fruit to maintain your bones strong as we start aging.

Blood regulation is improved by Jujube

As Jujube fruit is enriched with phosphorus and iron, these are the main components in red blood cells. So, regular intake of jujube can result in increasing the amount of phosphorus and iron which can regulate blood flow well and properly oxygenate other body parts. While if your body lagged in maintaining the proper amount of phosphorus and iron can cause the muscles weak. It may also cause fatigue and cognitive problems.

Jujube maximizes immunity

Jujube is also very beneficial to our immune system. It can be useful in many ways like it is enriched with many antioxidants and many other acids that kill free radicals that cause chronic and heart diseases, fast aging, and cancer too. Moreover, the minerals in jujube also cease the release of histamines that are the cause of many allergic reactions. Thus, it is very beneficial for allergies preventions as well.

Nutrition facts

Jujube is enriched with minerals and vitamins. Here are the values of these minerals that jujube contains per 100 grams of its serving.

Energy [kcal] 79

Protein [g] 1.2

Total lipids [g] 0.2

Carbohydrate 20.23

Calcium, [mg] 21

Iron [mg] 0.48

Magnesium, [mg] 10

Phosphorus, [mg] 23

Potassium, [mg] 250

Sodium, [mg] 3

Zinc, [mg] 0.05

Vitamin C [mg] 69


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