Bad Skin Complexion: Causes and Treatment in Urdu


Normally our complexion gets pale or faded due to abrupt fall in health or carelessness in diet. Our face gets pale also because of less sleeping hours, which effects badly on our liver. There is a need to cope with this particular situation and to get the healthy ends. The symptoms, causes and treatment of the bad skin complexion are given in detail in this article.
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The reasons for bad or pale skin complexion are listed below.

  • Unhealthy food diet
  • Pollution
  • Unhealthy sleeping habits
  • Stress and tension
  • Digestive system has very deep effect on your skin complexion and indigestion is the reason of bad skin complexion.
  • Over eating also leads to pale or uneven skin tone.
  • Many people complaint about the liver (improper working). Infect they are responsible for the improper functioning of liver.
  • Those who do not exercise daily also got the liver problem.
  • Pale face and faded lips are the symptoms of weakness and shows that your body does not have enough strength.
  • People who need bright face and fair skin complexion should take care of their diet.
  • Avoid the use of tea and coffee because both of these drinks are harmful for the digestive system and for the skin also. Tea and coffee also affect the muscles very badly.
  • Alcoholic drinks are injurious to the skin color.
  • Oily and fried food should be avoided in order to avoid pimples and skin marks.
  • Avoid pickle and spicy food items.

Homemade tips are very beneficial to improve the skin complexion. Take juice of cucumber and apply on your face and neck with cotton ball. Another tip is of the mixture of turmeric powder and vegetable oil and rub on your face gently.
Dr Rao Botham has written in his book that people who use to have food items like brown bread, fried chips and other such edibles, look pale and lazy all the time. It does not mean that these people do not eat anything else but the major portion of their diet consists on these things. These food items also cause flu or constipation. For healthy skin and your body systems you should exercise daily, eat fresh food, fruits, vegetables, fish, egg and other healthful things. All of you should try our tips to live a healthy and safe life otherwise the there are chances of several diseases.


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