Back Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Urdu


Backaches are usually experienced by people who are 20 and above, or people who are bulky in weight experience this pain. If this pain is minimal than it heals on its own after a while, but if it is extreme then it can cause different problems.

Back Pain Symptoms:

In backaches parts of the back become weak. Walking and running causes pain. Along with back ache, you start to experience pain in the legs also, and this pain gradually spreads towards the hip. The patient feels extreme discomfort and cannot bend easily. In cases of extreme pain, fever may also be caused. Apart from that, problems like headaches and restlessness can also happed with backaches.

Back Pain Causes:

Amongst the causes of back ache, the weakness of different parts of the back is the most important one. Apart from that, people who are overweight are a victim to backaches because they are tired of walking around and hence, back muscles become weak due to which backaches takes place. Sitting on a chair in wrong posture, sleeping upside down, and bending and working for long hours can also cause back aches. Getting hurt in childhood can cause the spine discs to be affected, and later on extreme pain is experienced because if any of the discs moves from its position then pressure is put on the nerves and as a result parts of the legs and back become weak causing pain in bending forwards and backwards. Other than that causes of backaches include trauma, postural back pain, depression, swelling in the pelvis and various other tumors  Bowel Syndrome is a disease which usually happens in young females, due to which constipation and stomach-ache is experienced; the strength of these problems can also cause backaches.

Backache during Pregnancy:

Most females can experience physical weakness and low vitamin levels during pregnancy. Pregnant women usually experience postural back pain, due to which while walking extreme pain can be felt. The causes of this are constipation, restlessness, and impatience. This causes the whole body to ache. The patient feels restless and on edge, and doesn’t fell like doing anything. In cases of extreme back ache, vomiting and headaches can also happen; in this case any pain reliever or Maxolan can be given.

Apart from this a pelvic disease, in which the fibers of the uterus become weak, can also cause back aches. For this, all patients must get a thorough and complete laboratory check up. Phosphorous, calcium and alkaline levels in blood must be checked. Urine test should be done to check protein levels; in women Rectum and Hips should be internally monitored through Colonoscopy so that appropriate treatment can be given.


Treatment for backache should only be done after thorough check ups from Neuro physicians and surgeons, since due to different causes of backaches the treatment is different. However, to overcome this problem, changes in your everyday life activities should be made. Sleep on your right hand side; sleeping on your stomach can cause backaches; do not work or study for long hours while keeping your back bent throughout. If the patient has constipation, then it should be treated and complete bed rest should be done.
To relieve you of the pain temporarily, some Analgesic medicine should be used. If the pain is extreme then any Analgesic and Narcotic medicine can be used.


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