Back Pain Causes and Treatment in Urdu


Back pain is a common disorder especially in South Asian countries as the people in this region are not habitual to proper work out and regular exercise. Back pain in lower part of the back is more common than in its upper part. Mostly, it is seen that men have to face the problem of back pain either in old age and women during pregnancy. Following are few of the causes of back pain in women:

  • Stress and depression are the common reasons of back pain. Social or financial causes can be the reason behind the mental stress, which lowers the blood pressure of the patient. As a result, patient becomes unable to face the stress that affects on the diet schedule. Eventually, the patient loses weight, feels back pain and lack of strength to complete his / her routine work.
  • Another reason of lower back pain can be dysmenorrheal, a common disease in women. This disease affects the discs of the spinal cord, which is very dangerous and continuous back pain is the result.
  • Constipation is cause of this type of pain that is known as Bowel Syndrome.
  • Liver stones cause back pain as well; the patient urinates frequently that leads to the weakness and inefficient working of different body parts. The main cause of this problem is the infection of Prostate Gland, which is walnut size gland, found in men reproductive system.
  • The working class people face this problem due to long sitting hours. Obesity can also be caused back pain especially for the people who have to work for long time. Pelvis is the disease which creates problems in uterus tumors that cause back pain.

The problem of back pain can be solved by adopting some of the measures which are common but effective as well to get rid of back pain.

  • Depression is needed to be eased down while trying to control this problem. Personal or official issues must be resolved to get relief from back pain.
  • Light exercise or workout in the morning can bring a big change in your personality. It makes you habitual of working for long time and strengthens the muscles. And it not only relieves you of this pain but also makes you slim and smart. As obesity is also one of the reasons of back pain so we can get rid of obesity as well because of this routine.
  • Specialist doctors (Orthopedic Physician) should be consulted for better prescription of medicine. At the initial stage of the disease Ibuprofen and multivitamin like Fesovit are recommended by the experts.
  • Proper diet can play a pivotal role to address this issue once for good.

You should be careful about lower back pain problem, as this can be severe with the passage of time. In the extreme level, surgery is the solution of this problem.


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