Article Writing Tips, Techniques and Guide in Urdu


Article writing may be done for a newspaper or a website. You must be proficient at writing articles since your article would determine the popularity and success of the newspaper or the website you are writing for. Therefore, it is necessary to keep all important writing tips in mind while writing. Following are some important writing tips for you.

  • Whichever field you are writing about, you must have complete information about it. If you are ill-informed about it, you will miss out a lot of important points in the article.
  • Choose an appropriate topic to write on. The next step is brainstorming for all points that should be included in the article. After the session of brainstorming, write down these important points and organize the content in detail.
  • An article which has an interesting introductory paragraph never fails to catch the attention of the readers. Therefore, if you want to readers to read on, you must write the first paragraph of your article in a very interesting way.
  • Use interesting words and include interesting information in your article. Keep in mind that your article will be read by all kinds of people. So instead of using flowery language, keep it simple and explain your ideas clearly. Your readers should not get bored or confused.
  • Avoid making your paragraphs too long and complex. Brief and to-the-point paragraphs create a better impression on the readers. Moreover, you should explain and elaborate your ideas with the help of appropriate examples. This will help the readers understand the article better.
  • While writing, you must always keep in mind that your sole purpose of writing is to impress the readers and impart good and useful information to them. In order to make an impact, you should always keep their field of interest in mind.
  • If you are writing a literary article, you must discuss all important personalities related to your topic.
  • After making an appropriate discussion in your article, it is of utmost importance to reach a conclusion. A concluding paragraph is a sign of good and complete articles. In case your article is argumentative, you must write on both sides of the story and let the readers decide what conclusion to reach. Different people would agree on different points.

You have to be very careful with reference to the information you provide in your article. There is no room for any error when you are providing information, especially on the internet. Online articles have to be completely error-free and flawless as online readers go through hundreds of articles on the internet. So, in order to make your article stand out in comparison to the millions of articles available online, you must utilize all your writing skills.


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