Are Girls Better than Boys?


Before the advent of Islam, girls were considered to be a sign of misfortune and they used to be buried alive as a ritual of the pre-Islamic Arab society. However, Islam removed all such traditions and regarded girls with the same standard as boys. The arrival of Islam signified equal rights for girls, as boys. It is credited to Islam that today, girls are considered to be an element of respect in the society. Islam is the first religion in the world to have accepted girls and boys as equal.

In modern times, the western world has voiced for women rights. They are promoting the freedom of girls but in a way that is creating restlessness in the society. This freedom that they are promoting encourages girls towards vulgarity. On the other hand, Islam gave protection to women’s rights by binding them in relations like mother, daughter, sister, which becomes a sign of respect for the society.

In order to create accordance between girls and boys, Islam has strengthened girls socially. According to Islamic principles, girls can even qualify for judiciary posts. Though being a wife, Islam has not prioritized woman over her husband. However, as a part of the society, because of the following reasons, girls are considered to be better than boys.

Why Girls are Better than Boys

Girls make better mentors. They are better at bringing up their children. The role of a mother is much more important than that of father. Even Islam has accepted the supremacy of a girl in the role of a mother. Girls understand the psyche of kids better and they know well how to treat a child for the better development of his character and his capabilities.

Girls actively participate in household chores. They help their mothers in the best way they can. Girls are naturally more sensitive. They have a more understanding nature. It is a common observation that whenever parents are in trouble or are going through a suffering, a daughter is always there for her parents. She always tries to share their sorrows and lessen them the most. In different fields of life, girls and boys have a different role to play. If girls are more sensitive, boys are generally stronger. Both sexes have their own strong and weak points. In today’s progressive world, none of the two lack in any regard. Certain attributes are particular to boys and certain traits are restricted to girls. For a complete society, the role play of both girls and boys is very important in every field of life and it is impossible to achieve success without the contribution of either boys or girls. Hence, it is quite a difficult task to decide if girls are better or boys.


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