Allah Is Enough For Me | Allah Is Not Far


When the slaves of Egypt asked Hazrat Moosa A.S about their source of food in the dessert, Allah Almighty showered food for them from the heavens. This food was called the “Man o Salwa”. For a while, this Man O Salwa remained their favourite meal. However, after some time, they got fed up of it. This is when Allah Almighty made crops grow in a dessert for them. However, rejecting the Man o Salwa was the beginning of a never ending greed possessed by humankind. Man was overwhelmed by his greed for worldly possessions and worldly gains. This is when he started growing more and more distant from Allah
Instead of asking from Allah, man started looking for other sources to fulfill his needs. To this day, man is roaming around searching for salvation as he does not seek Allah’s help. But why doesn’t Allah, the most Beneficent the most Merciful, help man in this state. Why has He closed the doors of Mercy upon us? Why has He left us alone? The truth is, Allah has not! He is still closer to us than our jugular vein! It is man who has stopped seeking Allah for His help. Then why would Allah turn His attention towards us? Allah does not love us for our wealth or status. It is our intentions that matter to Him. It is our love for Him that He acknowledges. However, we have started looking for other sources of relief instead of seeking His help. We claim that we love Him, but it is a lie since we do not prove our love for Him through our actions. If we are successful in our life, we feel proud of ourselves for achieving success without showing our gratitude to Allah. However, if something in our life goes wrong, we instantly blame Allah for it. We insolently question His love for us. We have, perhaps, forgotten that Allah puts only those of His slaves to test whom He loves. Have we forgotten that His love for us is more than the love of seventy mothers combined?
We only remember Him in times of difficulties. When things are running smoothly, we don’t have a single minute to spare to thank Him. Allah has bestowed us with uncountable blessings. Just imagine how dark our world would be if Allah takes away our sight. Imagine how we would survive if we lose even a single part of our body. Instead of acknowledging Allah’s bounties, we are always busy complaining to him about the things we don’t have. Do not forget that everything in this world is bound to perish one day. What will remain is only Allah, Who we have forgotten.
Indeed, man is extremely ungrateful. He is too proud of himself and does not thank Allah. Man questions Allah’s mercy often. Then why would Allah bestow His love upon such insolent creatures? Indeed, Allah is the Most Merciful. During hardships, remember that our Lord is only testing us. Face such difficulties with patience. Do no complain and only seek Allah for help.
Indeed, Allah’s love and mercy are boundless. He loves us despite being aware of our flaws. May Allah grant us the ability to mend our ways and surrender ourselves completely to His Mercy. Indeed, He is ready to accept us when we turn back towards Him.


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