Aids Symptoms, Prevention and Causes


AIDS is considered one of the most terrible diseases of modern times. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) also known as HIV infection. It is carried through blood, semen and other body fluids. This infectious disease destroys the defense system of the human body and as a result, even a minor disease becomes lethal enough to kill a person. The viral attack destroys the specific type of white blood cell, which is the chief component of the body’s immune system.

West and African countries are paying a lot of attention to AIDS, its growth and trying to find its cure. They are taking proper measures to inhibit its growth and making laws to control its spread. In 2007, it was reported by the World Health Organization that the number of AIDS patients in Pakistan is 70,000 – 90,000 and the number is continuously increasing. It is estimated that by now about 30 – 50 million people are affected by this fatal disease over the world and out of that over 3 million are children.

Aids Symptoms:

  • Laziness, loose motion, and restlessness are its initial symptoms.
  • Due to HIV infection, the respiratory system of the patients becomes fail to wake properly and feel difficult to breathe.
  • It causes a severe cough and chest pain.
  • Swelling of the Lymph nodes of the body; their size increase to 1.5 cm and the swelling of nodes cause a high fever (100.2 ? F ) and pain in the body but during starting days of the disease the temperature is not that much high.
  • HIV is a viral and fungal infection that causes many skin problems like rashes and dark spots.
  • The patient could have a severe headache that cannot be cure with the painkillers.
  • The functioning of patients internal systems becomes improper.

Diagnosis of AIDS:

Forgetting antibodies of HIV infection, many tests are conducted. The samples are collected from the blood of a patient but one should consult the expert doctors for the diagnosis.

Causes of AIDS:

  • AIDS is a contagious disease that transmits from one person to other through the blood or in other liquid forms. The unsafe sexual relation is the major reason for Aids.
  • HIV spread through the infected syringe and other tools.
  • If the mother is HIV positive then there are chances that the virus can be transferred to the baby through mothers’ milk.


One should avoid unsafe physical relation and always buy a new syringe for injection. For piercing, sterilize the needle to kill the germs and do the same for making the tattoos. Do not get the blood from an unsafe and unreliable source.


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