Advantages of Internet

Before talking about advantages of internet, imagine your life before modern days. No light, no television, no air conditioners, refrigerators, cars, machines and internet.

Wait wait wait. . .

What did we just say?


No way.

We bet every one of you reading this article is saying no for “No Internet life”.

We are so much addicted to this information technology that we can’t live a single day without it. Internet has changed our lives completely.

Although internet has its own pros and cons but talking about its advantages, there is surely a long list. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Connectivity

Connectivity is nature’s key element. Everything is connected to every other thing in every possible and obviously the perfect way.

The major advantage of internet is that it provides us with connectivity. You can connect yourself with the internet and travel virtually all around the globe. Now things even far away are in our approach and thanks to the internet for this. Making connections were never this much easy before.

2. Social Connections and Communications

Man is a social animal. And being social is one’s need too. But of course it is not possible for us to be present physically everywhere and any time. Now man’s greatest invention, internet has made this possible. Different applications are connecting people virtually so that they can enjoy being there too.

Yahoo, Hotmail, WhatsApp, viber, snap chat, imo, Skype or google allo, every single application is providing you a medium to communicate with others.

Now avail the opportunity to have a virtual presence at the most needed and desired moments which were missed before internet. Connect with your friends, family,colleagues and anyone you want to.

3. Run Your Businesses Online

Internet has provided you with the opportunity to do businesses online. Now you can shop online and pay online. Do online transactions and even pay your utility or commercial bills online. Many people are doing online businesses through internet and earning a lot.

4. Easy Life

Man has invented many things that have improved our life style but internet is boss of them.

Internet has made our life considerably easy in lot of ways. We can enjoy a lot of facilities in just a simple click. Pay your bills. Now No need to go out for shopping and have a hectic day.

Shop anything online, book your order and even have a pizza delivered at your door step.

Ahh don’t forget us to invite for a pizza party.

5. Messaging Made Easy:

Imagine pigeons flying with a message and sitting on wrong roof top or reaching after so many days. Or you may imagine a postman delivering post after number of weeks you have posted them actually.

But with internet it’s a simple click away. Send and receive messages and emails anywhere and anytime on your personal laptops or mobiles.

6. E-Learning:

Now whole world’s Information is in your hands. Books, libraries, courses, knowledge. . Internet has made knowledge easy to approach. You don’t need to go out for libraries or training sessions. Just get yourself indulge in e-learning and enjoy learning anything you want.

Remember knowledge is power and internet is providing that knowledge. ?

7. Technological Advancements:

Internet is not only making our life easy but many technological advancements are in our range because of internet. And many of them are actually possible only because of internet. Like you can pay bills online, get your smart cards at door step, book a taxi for you, do online banking, buy or purchase anything in the world without doing a business deal physically. From weather app to blood pressure checking app everything is possible now because of Internet. And now a new wonder of internet is “hologram technology” which make you appear on the other side.

P.s: By other side we mean the other side where you are transmitting or receiving your image and not the other world 🙂

8. Make New Friends:

A mind blowing advantage of internet is that it provides us with the great opportunity to enjoy diversity and make new friends. Social apps allow you to get connected with strangers and make them your friends. Now friendships between people of different culture or nations is not new. You can simply get your best buddy or perfect match anywhere in the world ?

9. Kill Your Boredom:

If you are home alone or not having anyone to give you company,don’t get unhappy or upset because the whole world out there is ready to be your companion. Watch movies, play games, do chit chat on messages and we bet you will be surprised where the time flew away.

10. Provides You With Unlimited and Safe Storage:

Imagine piles of hard copies, libraries, cds, Journals, diaries, photo albums. Physically storing all of them is not so easy and protecting them from damage is even harder.

Store everything in bytes. Save your picture s, notes, movies, memories and just everything on internet. You cannot protect them from damage only but also limit it to the audience of your choice or even keep them secret from everyone. Some clicks and passwords will do it all for you.

11. Great Helping Tool:

Internet is no doubt a great helping tool. It does not only provide you with information but you can also take help and guidance from it in different fields of life.

Whether you want to find a cooking recipe of your choice or a way to your friend’s home. Or even answer to simple curious questions that may come in your mind. Internet has solution to everything. There are lot of websites and search engines to entertain you.

Although our life now a days is very much dependent on internet but one should never be a technological slave.

Living physically is as important as having a virtual identity. Life is running faster and we need to balance between physical and virtual life. But still the advantage s of Internet are tempting enough that its Importance cannot be denied or neglected. We are lucky to have internet as a buddy with us.

Enjoy the modern times.

Enjoy the internet.

and yes

Enjoy the life!!!


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