Adolf Hitler Timeline


Hitler Born

Adolf Hitler was the Nazi leader, chancellor and Fuhrer of Germany from January 1933 to April 1945. Adolf Hitler is so much notorious for incinerating a large group of Jews and for his merciless slaughtering in World War 2.


He was born on April 20,1889, in Braunau am Inn,atown in upper Austria. He was the son of Alois Hitler and Klara Plozl. Hitler raised up as an Austrian German whose full loyalty and faith was in Germany instead of Austria.

Physical Appearance

Adolf Hitler had a moderate or average appearance, As he was one of the most ruthless and ambitious leaders in the history of the world he doesn’t seem to look like that.

Hitler’s Eyes

Despite his moderate appearance, his eyes are very famous for their pale and clear blue color. According to many persons who had met Hitler or seen him says, Hitler’s eyes were the most prominent part of his appearance. His crystal clear blue eyes carry no fear or mercy in them. Anton Drexler a German political leader once told about the eyes of Adolf Hitler. “He didn’t look very impressive standing there in repose. That is until you noticed his eyes. He had clear blue eyes and in them, there was neither guile nor fear. There was honesty; there was sincerity; there was a hint of scorn.”

Height:175cm (5’9”)

Weight:76-80kg (167-176lb)

Hair Color:Brown

Eyes Color:Blue


Hitler Youth

According to Hitler youth of the country plays an important role in making the country prosper. Hitler’s era was the time of World War when countries are raging and invading in other countries. Examining the situation Hitler initiated the youth program often called Hitlerjugend in which the youth of the country is motivated to join the German army and later on it became mandatory for specific aged youth to join army practices. This youth organization reached 8 million by 1940. The boys at the age of 6 start doing outdoor or extreme sports and later when they reach at the age of 14 they join the German military as a solider. Girls from the age of 10 were guided to be the good young maiden and also good housewife or mother of a German.

Hitler Knife

Hitler’s youth organization gained an exquisite amount of numbers by 1940 which are stated more than 8 million. All the youth members in this organization whose age lies between 14 to 18 years were awarded Hitler’s knife which was a great motivation for every German boy. Every knife was marked with a motto of “Blut und Ehre!” which means “Blood and Honor!”. The shape of this knife varies with time, but the motto bruised on it remains the same.

Hitler Wife and Children


Adolf Hitler married to Eva Braun on 29 April 1945. His wife Eva Braun was a photographer and lab assistant by occupation Their marriage only last for 40 hours.

They married each other after thirteen years of relationship. Hitler and Eva start loving each other since 1932 but Hitler’s avoid to marry her. At last, he decided to marry her after thirteen years.


The history of Adolf Hitler’s children is ambiguous. The only women Hitler married was just before 40 hours of his and her wife died. But a lady named Charlotte Lobjoie claimed that she had intercourse with Adolf Hitler and his son Jean Marie Loret was born in the result of this intercourse. It was not clarified whether he was Hitler’s son r not due to the absence of DNA testing at that time.

How Did Hitler GainPower

It is an intriguing question that how did Hitlercome to gain such power and became the Fuhrer of Germany, well this was a long course which was accomplished in decades.

Joining The political Party

Hitler fight in a war of World War and his leg and eyes were harmed in this war. After this, he returned to Munich and join a political party called Deutsche Arbeitersparteiwhich later became the Nazi party. After joining this party Hitler started to mesmerize people by his compelling speech skills and spellbound. He was then selected as a party leader for these people binding and negotiation skills.

Rise of Nazis

In 1930’s Germany was in a miserable state. Worldwide economic pressure due to World War 1 produces recession especially in Germany where millions of people were unemployed and out of work. In this situation, every German was in the seek of a leader. At that time Nazi struck in. They urged the unemployed workers with their attracting ideologies about employment and revolution. Nazis were not prominent before that recession struck but after that, they became prominent so rapidly that in November 1932 Reichstag elections, they gained 33 percent of votes. As the party president, Adolf Hitler was appointed as a chancellor by Hindenburg

Final Takeover

After becoming the chancellor Hitler asked the parliament of Germany to give him power that he can take any decision without discussing with the German parliament or government. While they were arguing on this matter Hitler surrounded the parliament with the army leaving them no choice but to declare him as a president.

Hitler Religion

Both the mother and father of Adolf Hitler practice catholic religion and they baptized their son Hitler with catholic religion the day he was born. Hitler believed that Aryans were superior of all races, so he was against all other religions and races impure and false. His hate for the Christians and hews was quite clear. Hitler said many times that he would reckon with Christians after winning the war.

Why did Hitler Blame Jews

Hitler blamesJews for the defeat of World War 1 because at that time Jews were the caretaker of the country. All the finance and economy control was under them and most Jews were holding all the main corporates and government sectors of Germany. After the horrible defeat in World War 1, Germany was in a miserable state and was economically destructed. There were huge recession and unemployment in the country and in addition Germany had also to pay compensation to his allies in World War 1. That is why Hitler and the other Germans feel that they are backstabbed by Jews though it was not reality. Jews equally take part in the war with other Germans.

Hitler Quotes on Gun control

Before Nazis came into power there were laws for keeping firearms or guns for everyone in Germany. But when Nazis gained power these laws were loosened for Germans and restricted for other races like Jews. On this act, Hitler uttered some quotes

  • “To conquer a nation, you must first disarm its citizens.”
  • “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjugated races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjugated races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua nonfor the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police.”

How Many People Did Adolf Hitler Kill

Adolf Hitler and Nazis systematically incinerated six million Jews which were two-third of total Jews at that time. It is estimated that 20946000 people were killed by Nazi Germany and Hitler in which approximately there were 1 million children or under 18. This is the picture of Adolf Hitler’s ruthlessness and extremism.


Adolf Hitler died on 30 April 1945 in his Fuhrer bunker in Berlin, Germany. He committed suicide by shooting himself on his head. His body was carried out to in garden behind Reich Chancellery. He was not buried, he was burned completely as red army found his corpse.


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