Adobe Photoshop | What Is Adobe Photoshop?


How will you feel to give colors of your own choice to the precious moments of your life? Remember your old times and feel pleasure of looking at the enhanced beauty of your past photographs. Now, you can edit the pictures using different tools of Adobe Photoshop and can give them a newer look. You may be wondering that what Adobe Photoshop is. It is a graphical editing program which was offered by Adobe system.
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The release of Adobe Photoshop creative suit 8 in 2003 is now given the name of CS that is very popular nowadays and is used by most of the photo developers. The Adobe Photoshop is now available in two editions:
1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Adobe Photoshop Extended
Adobe Photoshop Extended:
Adobe Photoshop Extended is released with some new tools and improvements like 3D image creation and Motion graphics editing through which you can give real colors to your photographs. In the earlier age, there was a concept of only black and white photos. You can also find several details on CS3, CS4 and CS5 versions of Adobe Photoshop. Some professional tips are also given in it which will be of great help for you. It’s a pixel drawing program that has ability to deal at the micro level and for shading of complex images like paintings.
A person named Thomas design this program during his 6 months vacations and gave it name of “image
Pro” but after some time he renamed his program to “Photoshop”. During 1988, he got license from Adopt and Apple and in 1990, it was launched for Mac tosh. Now, it is the most popular program of for poster and editing photos. Its three most popular series of are CS3, CS4 and CS5.
CS3 is lunched with superior features like “Camera Raw Support” to change the image quality and texture. You can change the backgrounds of the pictures and more options of editing are also offered by CS3.
CS4 provides you the facility of 3D for images and its extended version was released on 30 April.
CS5 was released on 12 April, 2010 with awesome features of 3D and wrapping brushes tools. Its updated version 5.5 was launched in May, 2011 that is advanced than previous versions of Photoshop. It enabled you to draw lines with more accuracy and precision. You will learn much more when you start using Adopt Photoshop.


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