All You Need to Know About Ramadan


There are lots of questions about Ramadan that are frequently asked about people who do not much about it. So here are those frequent questions and their answers so that you may develop a sound understanding of this event which is one of the most important events in the Islamic Calendar.

1. What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is not only the 9th month in the Islamic Calendar; it is in fact a major event that takes place throughout the world when all of the Muslims around the world observe fast in a pursuit of bettering themselves in the important principles of faith.

2. What Does Observing Fast Mean?

Observing fast means to abstain from eating, drinking as well as all the things from which Islam forbids. We have to keep a control on our senses, our words and everything related to our life which needs to be remained in a code of conduct.

We do it for 30 days every day from dawn till dusk which means from Fajr till Maghreb. We introduce different practices into our lives which are related to Islam and are meant to please Allah and earn his reverence and rewards in return.

3. What is the Purpose of Fasting?

Other than pleasing Allah, Allah has made this month as a blessing for us because it gives us a chance to change our lives. We get the chance to start over and change our daily routines.

It makes us to realize that we have greater commitments in life to our religion and our Allah other than those that we have in our worldly lives. Not eating and drinking the entire day spares us the time to pray, recite Quran and be closer to Allah.

It is a month in which the Satan and his minions are specially locked away and kept in the Hell so that the Muslims all over the world can be protected from their deceiving and their misleading. This way they get the chance to abstain from all the bad things and concentrate on doing good things only.

4. Do Sins Completely Disappear?

No, this does not mean that sins and bad deeds completely disappear. If there are any sins committed and bad deeds done further in this month, they would be done out of the hearts of people and not because of the Satan so the Satan would not be blamed for any of it and we shall be the only ones responsible for every wrong we do.

5. Who has to Fast?

Not everyone is supposed to fast during the month of Ramadan. Young children, people who have medical conditions, women who are pregnant, women who are in their menstruation cycle, those who are supposed to travel long distances are all exempted from fasting. There are a number of reasons for which individuals cannot fast but they can make it up for the missing fasts later at some particular time.

6. What are the Benefits of Fasting?

Being good and get to develop a spiritual connection with Allah is not the only benefit of Fasting. Fasting is the month in which we make ourselves ready for another year. Our digestive system gets a break in which it gets cleansed and detoxified properly. The food that we take throughout the year causes many medical and health issues which are cleared during the month of Ramadan.

We get the chance to get a clearer skin and balanced weight. Those who want to lose weight can change the routine of their diet and lose as much weight as they want to.

Ramadan is a chance of us to start over and make a new beginning for us. If we want to make things better in life and leave our old life, this is the month which is a clear shot for us to do that. Allah loves us and gives us a lot of opportunities to bend and mould our lives only if we are willing to do it.


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