Abdul-Muttalib History


Abdul Munaf son of Abdul Mutlib Hashmi Qureshi was the father of Hazrat Ali and uncle of the Prophet (peace be upon him). After the death of his father, he took the charge of custodianship of Khana Kaba. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) was eight years of age his grandfather Abdul Mutlib passed away. At that time Hazrat Abu Talib took the Prophet (peace be upon him) under his guardianship and kept on doing so till his death. He loved him more than his own children. Mohammad Hussain Haikal writes that Abu Talib was the eldest son of Abdul Mutlib and that was why Abdul Mutlib handed over Prophet’s (peace be upon him) guardianship to him before his death.
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Abdul Multib also had another son named Haris but he was not financially that sound. Abu talib, just like Abdul mutlib gave him lots of love and affection. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) was twelve years old, Abu talib traveled to Syria for Trade. When Prophet (peace be upon him) insisted Abu Talib took him with him. It seemed that Abu Talib had earned no profits on this trade jouney that was why he never went to a trade jouney again and led a life which was restrained life to Makkah only. It was Abu Talib who discussed the trade affairs of Prophet (peace be upon him) with Hazrat Khadija and also delivered the sermon of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) marriage with her. After the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) advent of Prophet hood, he continued to protect and support him.
Once chiefs of Quraish under the leadership of Abu Sufian came to Abu Talib and said that his nephew opposed their religion and their gods. They threatened to stop him or hand him over to them. Abu talib didn’t listen to any of their demands and said that he would keep on supporting his nephew. At this chiefs of Quraish decided to socially boycott the family and the whole family was restrained to a mountainous pass called “Shaib-e-abi-Talib”of Abu Qubais Mountain. They had to spend three years in that mountainous pass. He passed away soon after the end of the boycott.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) was of 49 years and 8 months at that time. There is a difference of opinion among various sects of the muslims that whether Abu Talib formally embraced Islam or not. Shia sect believes that he embraced Islam before his death. Abu talib had two marriages and had children for the both marriages. He was also known as a poet and a writer.


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