7 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Front Of Your Child


Our kids are obviously our entire pleasure and most precious in the world. They are those people who look great even by acting wrong. We laugh at their rude behaviour, being angry with us or even giving us a slap right on the cheek. There are too many things to do which contribute to your kiss’ personality and many which destroy it too. The need is to rectify adverse actions which creat a flaw in the personality of your child. This article is composed of 7things you should not do in front of your child. Know the things to refrain from and make your child a good human being as well as a good citizen.

1. Never Tell a Lie

It is true that the first and main coaching centre of your child is your home. He will adopt things which he experience doing his parents. As your little one is in growing age, he will learn what you are going to make him learn. So, avoid telling a lie in front of your child no matter you are kidding or in serious mood. Do never say your child “dad is outdoor” when you do not want to attend someone as it impacts worse. He will learn that lie is some good thing to tell and will automatically adopt it. So, if you want up bringing your child positively, always make him learn to speak truth no matter how pinching it could be.

2. Don’t Fight

Refrain fighting in front of your child as this can demolish his confidence level and finally lead to a complex personality

3. Don’t Shout

Avoid shouting in the presence of your child as this will effect negatively on him and his personality will not polish in positive direction. Always speak politely with your child and other people also as in this way you are going to make him learn the manners to communicate.

4. Avoid Drugs

Never ever intake drugs in front of your child as he will find that if his parents are doing so it will be some good thing to adopt and surely is more prone to adopt drugs in future. If you want to make your child a good citizen, be a good citizen and examplary parents for him.

5. Avoid Smoking

If you are adicted to smoking then do smoke outside your home so that your child may be far away from this dangerous habit. If you do in front of him, he will automatically idealize that thing and is more prone to ruine his life in future.

6. Don’t have Romance

As your child is at a learning stage of life, he repeats every action which he experience being done in his surrounding. Refrain from having romance in front of your baby as it is harmful for his personality grooming. Be sure to have privacy from him so that he may stay inocent.

7. Don’t be Vulgure

Few people are habitual of abusing while talking to their friends that is really a harmful thing for your child. So, act sober and avoid being vulgure before him so that he may pick polite manners from you.


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