6 Ways to Keep Your Hand and Feet Healthy


Beauty is a conscious thing. You have to work hard to achieve and maintain it. Facial beauty is what most women are after. We seldom pay that much attention to our hand and feet. But ignoring these body parts can have a severe effect on your personality.

Hands are the most used part of body and feet bear the burden of your weight. To look beautiful you have to keep your hands and feet healthy.

Ways to Keep Your Hand and Feet Healthy

There are some tricks and tips that you can use to keep your hands and feet beautiful and healthy.

1: Look for Dark Spots on Your Nails

There are white spots on your nails that appear from any injury like biting cutting. It’s not a worrisome thing. But the thing you need to keep in mind is the dark spots that appear sometime. Dark or brown spot can be a form of skin cancer.

  • Always check your nails for dark spots.
  • If you wear dark polish then get some time to inspect your nails if they have any dark spot
  • If dark spots appear, get your nails checked by a doctor.

2: Get Stronger Nail Growth

Women pamper their nails much and want them strong and growing effectively. New cells push out the older cells. The growth rate is different for each person.

  • Pregnant women have strong growth of nails
  • Temperature affects growth as well
  • Vitamin B complex biotin helps in nail growth

3: Make Your Manicure and Pedicure Effective

Just polishing will not make your hands beautiful. Nails and tips can get out of shape as age increases.

  • Use ridge fillers to fill vertical ridges in your nails
  • Buffing will make them smooth
  • Non Acetone nail polish remover doesn’t get them dry.
  • File your nails in one way rather doing back and forth
  • Don’t share your filer and clipper with anyone

4: Choose the Right Moisturizer

Choose moisturizing products according to your skin type. Wind and temperature hamper your skin. It makes them dry and cracking.

  • Use SPF 15 on hands when going out to protect from harmful sun rays.
  • Moisturize your feet as well because they get dry too even if you keep them hidden from weather effects.
  • A water based moisturizer is best for daytime and oil based is suitable for night time.
  • Apply a thick layer before going to bed and cover with socks and gloves.

5: Put on the Right Shoe Size

Putting on shoes that are too tight will not only make you uncomfortable but is harmful to nail growth. The tight shoe will make your nail grow into your skin that will cause infection. Long toenails can be a problem too because they will come in contact with shoe surface too often.

  • Avoid tight shoes.it will save you from bruises and virus infection
  • Keep your nails trimmed.

6: Keep Your Shoes on in Public Spaces

Going barefoot in public spots like a park, cinema, shopping centers and swimming pool will get your feet infects with fungus. It is the cause of major nail problems.

  • Fungus gets stuck in nails and between the skin and gets you infected.


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